Blue ladies watches keep increasing in popularity

We would like to tell you more about ten different watches with blue dials. In this way there´s always one that suits your style.

  • Prisma Pure Fance Rosegold

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P.1874 – Prisma Pure Fance Rosegold
This blue women watch combines ultimate comfortability and stylish looks. The Milanese bracelet is incredibly hip, really stylish and extra comfortable. The dial of the watch offers a deep dark blue. There is a small ledge on the edge of the dial. On this ledge, which creates extra texture, you can find nicely contrasting rose gold hour markers.

  • Prisma Royal Dainty Blue

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P.1897 – Prisma Royal Dainty Blue
This watch is a good contender for your new everyday accessoire. She´s fun, but classic. Simple, but refined. In the middle of the watch you´ll find a Mother Of Pearl dial, surrounded by a dark blue edge with rose gold hour markings. There is hardly any outfit you can´t combine this watch with.

prisma blue ladies watch blauw dameshorloge
  • Prisma Precise Quadra Rosegold

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P.1968 – Prisma Precise Quadra Rosegold
For women that want something slightly different. A rectangular case with graceful curves. These can be admired from the side of the watch. The dial has a pattern of lines from the outside of the dial to the center. This creates depth in the watch. The simple applied numerals make sure that you can always easily read the time, while the dial shines in the background.

  • Prisma Harmony Curle Gold

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P.1952 – Prisma Harmony Curle Gold
This is one of, if not, the most sophisticated watch we have to offer. A small simple watch, with a clear, bright and gorgeous blue dial and a tasteful combination of brushed and polished gold. The open links at the top of the watch give your skin the ability to contrast with the watch. In this way, you and your watch can handle any occasion, in perfect harmony.

  • Prisma Precise Pearl Rosegold

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P.1963 – Prisma Presice Pearl Rosegold
We can tell you a lot of things about this watch, but it won’t even come close to reality. We could tell you about the comfortable bracelet, the feminine watchcase and the small diamonds, but all of this fades away in the presence of that gorgeous blue Mother Of Pearl dial. This dial is so deep and gives so much texture that it feels and looks like you have got the ocean around your wrist. Every angle gives a new understanding of your watch. And every time you look, you have got a different watch around your wrist.

prisma blauw dameshorloge blue ladies watch
  • Prisma Precise Zirconia SilverBlue

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P.1958 – Prisma Precise Zirconia Silverblue
This watch wears light despite the 58 laid in stones. This is because the rest of the watch is made of titanium. The surfaces of the case and bracelet have alternate finishes, varying from brushed to polished. The dial had a pattern similar to the Quadra, but this timepiece has a bend in between the lines. This creates extra intrigue within the watch.

prisma precise zirconia silverblue
  • Prisma Slimline Steel Mrs. Blue

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P.1475 – Prisma Slimline Steel Mrs. Blue
This blue ladies watch is for the confident woman that knows what she wants. Working hard is not a task for her, it’s natural. She doesn’t mind that the watch is slightly heavier than other watches, because she values the certainty and quality this watch offers her. The blue dial shines against wonderfully against the polished steel. This creates a timeless combination that can withstand anything.


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P.1639 – Prisma Signature Carbon Mrs. Blue
This blue ladies watch is simplistic in design, but certainly not in execution. The clean dial with clear hour markers make sure you can tell the time in an instant. If you look a little longer, you see a small aperture with the date. But the focus is logically on the dark blue dial.

  • Prisma P.1645 Sun Ray Slimline Watch Blue

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P.1645 – Prisma Slimline Sun Ray Blue
There is not a single day you cannot wear this watch. The brilliance of the dial in the sun is unheard of. It changes from a deep dark blue, to bright light blue, you only have to turn your wrist for it. The metal numbers on the dial add more to the flair to the watch. The date keeps the watch practical. The leather strap dresses it up and adds a large dose of style and class to your daily outfit.


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P.1683 – Prisma Purify Oval Diamond Blue
Light and elegant are the first words that come to mind. The open links of the bracelet deliver a cool experience on a warm summer day. The ten stones on the dial shine away while you tell the time. The middle part of the dial is characterized by the outgoing lines from the center of the dial. This makes it extra interesting, which suits you.

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