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We think it is fascinating how style and fashion are so deeply connected with culture and lifestyle. Today, we will zoom in on the 2nd part of the 20th century, the 1950’s. Let’s take a closer look at this decade, in which women really dared to invest in their style, and get inspired by their beautiful vintage dresses and accessories.

More prosperity
After World War II, there was a lot of destruction and discouragement in western society. In the fifties, however, people really tried to move on. It was time for a new beginning, characterized by reconstruction and emerging trade. Eventually, prosperity was increased, and a better life was supposed to be accessible for everyone. Because more materials became available, people did not have to dress minimalistic anymore.

1950s women style watch dames stijl 1950 fifties

It’s not ‘’just’’ a dress
Dresses are a big part of the 1950s women style, especially flowy swingdresses. They were often worn with a petticoat, to make them even wider. These dresses are slim around the waist and have a nicely fitting bodice, which makes them very feminine. Because of the increasing supply of fabrics, the dresses became more beautiful, there was addition of colour, patterns and frills. Flowers and polka dots turned out to be very popular.

1955 women style 1950's watch dames stijl 1950 fifties

Visibility of the 1950s women style

In this new state of welfare, nice accessories became essential. The accessorries were striking, but they had a simple design.  For instance, pearls were an absolute favourite. Gloves were common accessories as well by that time, but nowadays they are quite unique.

Every period has it’s own social standards and regulations, one of a woman’s task was going to special occasions with her husband, to support him and promote his carrier. Visibility was something crucial. On the picture above, a woman is wearing a beautiful evening dress, she is wearing a belt to accentuate her waist and has put on some make up. She is also wearing a lot of outstanding accessories and shows us there is nothing wrong with visibility, let yourself shine!

1954 women style 1950's watch dames stijl 1950 fifties


Another stunning outfit. This dress comes with sleeves that are a little bit longer, and it has a nice buttoned-up  collar. Deep cutted necklines were inappropriate by that time. The accessories are presented very well, the necklace especially really puts the ouftit together. In the fifties, it was a usual thing for women to wear a hat outside. There was a wide diversity of hats which caused a streetview that was very varied. For instance, there were cocktail hats, hats with feathers, dish hats and pillbox hats.

The overall appearance of this woman is luxurious. In earlier times most people could not afford luxurious clothing, in the 1950’s this all changed and expensive clothing was also purchased by the middle class. This phenomen is called prêt-a-porter, which means ready to wear. Fashionable clothing suddenly became obtainable for the average citizen.

1954 women style 1950s watch dames stijl 1950 fifties

1950s Women Style Shoes
The fifties surprises us with a range of different elements, for example, shoes came in all shapes and sizes. Ladies often were wearing stiletto’s, pumps and wedges, but flats were loved as well.

1950s Women Style Hairstyle
The typical hairstyle in these years was half long, somewhat curly hair, most ladies just let their hair down, or they pinned it up. Moreover, there was a large amount of hairaccessories such as diadems, headbands and bandana’s.

women style 1950's watch dames stijl 1950 fifties

1950s watch with a feminine personality

Early 1900, a watch had a very feminine personality. This changed when soldiers started to wear watches as well. After the war, the march of the watch went on and convinced men and women to add a marvelous timepiece to their collection of accessories. In the fifties, most women wore a nice watch to match with their own unique style and to make their outfits complete.

Ladies in the fifties knew how to make every day special, the way they combined garments and accessories still speaks to us today and forms a great source of inspiration. Classy, cheerful and feminine, those are the key words of this stylish decade. And to be honest, we would love to copy it!

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Which of the above 1950s outfits do you love?

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