1960 Ladies’ Style was a lot Different than Previous Decade

Due to increasing wealth, the lifestyle of a lot of people changed during the sixties. Suddenly, fashion changed as well. In this lookbook, we will take a look at some developments in 1960 ladies’ style and discover more about these bustling years. This is a follow-up blog of 1940 ladies style and 1950 women style.

1960 ladies style

1960 ladies style sixties women dress

The 50’s style continues

In the early 1960’s, fashion was an extension of the years before. There were tight dresses, classic pencil skirts and A-line skirts. There had not been a new trend for a few years, and designers knew the had to come up with something special really quick. In the mean time, women were inspired by icons like Jackie Kennedy. She was always in style with decent dresses and had accessories that matched perfectly.

1960 ladies style sixties women costums

Loose clothing in the sixties

However, there appeared to be a slight difference in the fashion of  the sixties. Clothing was becoming a bit more loose. In former years, women wanted to accentuate all their best features, but that principle slowly started to fade. Wider clothing was populair and some pieces even became shapeless.

1960 ladies style sixties women skirts

1960 ladies style changes in society

When the miniskirt was introduced in 1964, society was astonished. Young women reached out to this new trend and it certaintly caused some commotion. It was the first time, a skirt had a hemline at mid-thigh level. It was not appreciated. Even some great designers despised the garments. But a lot of women thought the miniskirt improved their rights. Short skirts became a sign of confidence.

1960 ladies style sixties women costums

Ladies sixties pant suit

There was also some confusion about the following new trend: The pant suit. Women did wear pants, but there had never been a complete suit in 1960 ladies style. People did not know what to think about this evolution, and were not sure if it was a threat to feminity. But a lot of women still decided to wear it, and bit by bit, people started to accept manly clothing for women.

sixties clothing style

Doing your own thing

Youth movements were also causing uproar. Some youth decided to break with the norms and values of their parents. They made up their own rules and wore clothing of their own preference. The hippies were provocating their anti fashion statements. According to them, nobody had the right to determine what was right and ordinary to wear. Freedom of style became an important value. Everyone had a free choice and could do their own thing. As a result, different fashion styles started to thrive and people were experimenting with clothing themselves.

1960 ladies style sixties women trousers

Ladies style 1960 clothing: Pants

High waist pants without belts were a thing in the sixties. These pants were often worn with a crop top. After a new fabric was invented, stretch pants became populair as well. Stretch pants came with an elastic band to pull around the feet. Thay way, it would stay nice and smooth. Later on, pants got really wide legs. Especially in the late sixties, wide and baggy pants were seen a lot

1960 ladies style sixties women dress

More fun

Finally, women’s style in the  1960’s was characterized as: ‘Less fuss, more fun.’ Bold colours and patterns came in every shape and style and beautified the streets. People could afford more clothing, and wanted to enjoy wealth and happiness. Colourful at the top, and a solid look at the bottom was a popular combination.


Women’s style 1960’s: Hairstyles

Just like their clothing, women’s hairstyles differed from each other. Every length was possible. On one hand, hair could be very short and voluminous. But on the other hand, women grew their hair very long and just let it down.

1960 sixties women hairstyles

Ladies’ style 1960’s: Shoes

In the fifties, most women wore high heels. However, heels became lower in the sixties. And sometimes, they even disappeared. Flat shoes like sneakers and sandals were very trendy.

Ladies’ style 1960’s: Accessories

Accessories truly became outstanding and playful. There were a lot of geometrical shapes and funny plastic figures. Ladies were wearing colourful dangling earrings and a lot of bracelets. Also, classic accessories remained popular. Fine gold watches were worn often. Just like watches with a leather strap and a dome glass.

1960 ladies style sixties women dresses

As we have seen, the sixties were a bold combination of class, casual and fun. We think it’s very important to experiment and to find  your own personal style. Just like ladies in the sixties, we don’t have to be restricted by certain fashion standards. Create some space and go for a look that makes you happy!