A man and his watch

An attitude that strives to be great in all areas of life. Classy, professional and clean cut: how the Prisma Refined became a legendary timepiece for men.

A man and his watch: they reinforce each other. Well, only if the watch makes an actual impression. A watch is usually one of the only accessories a man wears, and therefore immediately stands out. You want to make sure you make the right statement.

How the Prisma Refined became indispensable? The watch is stunningly classy, but also has a no-nonsense attitude. Things matter, we only choose what we stand for.

a men and his watch
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The Prisma Refined is a striking timepiece: dark blue with contrasting elements. The leather strap makes this watch extra charming. Perfect to combine with a casual look – like a demim shirt like @Michele_in shows us. Also, this watch will make a great impression when worn with white shirt or a suit.

Prisma 1589 Horloge watch P.1589 Refined men watches

Don’t choose average. Go for a watch that leaves an impression.

In addition to the Prisma Refined, there are many other stylish, sporty or sleek watches that portray a man’s style.

A man and his watch: an inseparable duo.