Belly Chain Size Chart and How to Choose the Right Style for You

In this article you will discover different your belly chain size and style options. A belly chain is a type of jewelry that is worn around the waist. It’s usually made of metal, plastic or leather and it can be used as an accessory to a variety of outfits.

Belly chains are often worn by people in the Middle East, India, and Southeast Asia. The most common use for them is to hold up one’s sari or dhoti. In the United States and Europe, belly chains are more popular to wear during hot summer days. For example, on the beach with swimwear or in combination with a low-cut shirt or dress.

Best belly chain size for your waist circumference

The length of the belly chain is an important part of how it looks on you. A longer belly chain will have more weight swinging and will look better if you are wearing a low-cut shirt or dress. A shorter belly chain will not have as much weight and may not look as good with certain outfits.

Fortunately, many chaines are also adjustable. However, for the swinging length it is important to choose the right size. Furthermore, some prefer to wear the belly chain on the hips. In that case, the adjustability comes in handy as well.

Belly chain size waist height length
Waist height for best belly chain length – © Sizelist

Belly chain size table in inches and cm

Always add at least 2 inches (or 5 cm) to the waist circumference to choose the correct belly chain length.

Please note: if you see size 27 – 31 inches, for example, it means the chain has an extender which gives you the ability to wear it from 27 to 31 inches.

Size Waist in inches Belly chain length in inches
XXS 25 inch 27 inch
XS 26.5 inch 28.5 inch
S 27.5 inch 29.5 inch
M 29.5 inch 31.5 inch
L 31.5 inch 33.5 inch
XL 33.5 inch 35.5 inch
XXL 35.5 inch 37.5 inch
1X 42 inch 44 inch
2X 45 inch 47 inch
3X 49 inch 51 inch
4X 54 inch 56 inch
5X 59 inch 61 inch
6X 64 inch 66 inch
Size Waist in cm Waist chain length in cm
XXS 60 cm 65 cm
XS 65 cm 70 cm
S 70 cm 75 cm
M 75 cm 80 cm
L 80 cm 85 cm
XL 85 cm 90 cm
XXL 90 cm 95 cm

Style options to sparkle

Belly chains come in many styles and lengths, so it is important to know what style will work best for you and for the occasion. There are two main styles: waistline and hipline.

1. Waistline style

The waistline style may be better if you want the chain to sit at your natural waistline or higher up on your hips. For example, a model with diamond stones that can also be worn over clothing.

belly chain size chart style leather metal gold

Or how about this design with charms on it. Beautiful on the beach in combination with swimwear. You can choose to wear it tight or looser.

waist chain swimwear

2. Hip style

The hip style will sit lower on your hips and can be worn with pants or skirts that are high-waisted. The length of the chain should be proportional to the body type of the wearer.


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