Big or small watch? Size matters!

Watches come in very different sizes. Some people prefer a smaller watch, but others think ‘the bigger, the better’. But does something like ‘too big’ exist? We’ll tell you exactly what size watch is right for your wrist.

The Watch Case

The part of the watch that stands out is the watch case. The size is crucial, because it needs to fit your wrist. Otherwise it feels ‘out of balance’. So not to big and not to small. The Watch cases for men are usually between 38 mm and 46 mm big. Every case that is bigger, is XXL. Smaller ones are usually for woman.

When you measure your wrist, you can use this  sizetable. Then you know exactly wich watch case fits your wrist.

Size wristSize watch case
15 – 18 cm34 mm t/m 40 mm
19 – 20 cm42, 44, 46

Off course this is just a guiding line. The most important thing is that you like the watch.

Thickness Watch Case

In the old days people thought thin watch cases where prettier than thick ones. Nowadays that has changed. All thicknesses are good! Most of the time watches with a smaller size watch case, are thinner than the big watches. So when you choose the right size watch case, most of the time you will have a good thickness.

Width watch band

Most of the time you don’t have to think about the width of the watchband. Because usually the watch case is twice as wide as the band. So if the case is 40mm, the band is 20mm.

It is important to know that when you measure the watch case, the lugs are not included. This means that when you already have a big case, it might not fit on your wrist.

Material of the wrist band

Wrist bands can be made from different materials, like metal and leather. The material is very important for the look of your watch. For example: a wrist band made out of metal looks bigger en wider than a leather band with the same size. It all depends on your preference.

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