• prisma sun ray slimline Best Watches to Wear with a Shirt

    The best watches to wear with a dress shirt With a stylish watch, a man makes a statement. It shows you want to present yourself in a respectable manner. You take things seriously, show them.   We have noticed that some gentleman have trouble choosing the right kind of watch to combine with their dress [...] Continue Reading
  • prisma horloges icon watch dameshorloge Watch for dresses: which go well?

    Wearing a dress makes a lady happy! That moment when you finally can wear the dress you bought for a special occasion, or a beauty of a basic that goes with everything. Whatever kind of dress you like to wear, there is a watch for every style. Accessories for your kind of dress Of course you […]

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  • watch for partner watch boyfriend girlfriend gift present cadeau horloge vriend vriendin partner Buying a watch for your partner

    You want to surprise your partner with a beautiful watch but you don’t know where to start? This watch gift-guide will help you choose the right watch for your significant other. Buying a watch as a gift for someone else is not the easiest task. It can be hard to determine what their preferences are […]

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  • chronograaf horloge heren prisma chronograph men watch exclusive watches exclusief horloges Exclusive Watches

    Are you looking for an exclusive watch? At Prisma Watches we have beautiful watches of top quality for both ladies and gentlemen. Exclusive watches for men Of course, Prisma also has exclusive watches for men. Consider, for example, the immensely popular Navigator. You just have to take a look at the watch and the picture […]

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  • prisma rhombic pure Which Accessoires Should I Wear With My Outfit?

    Accessories complete your outfit, and they can change the style of every single piece of clothing. It’s the reason a parisienne’s wardrobe mainly exists of qualitative basics. With accessories, you can create a new combination every day. A few tips to pick the right one’s:

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  • prisma horloges atone milan mooi dameshorloge dameshorloges horloges voor vrouwen 4 Rectangular Women Watches for Ladies

    Rectangular watches for ladies Rectangular women watches who dare to stand out in a stylish and feminine way. Embrace the feeling of luxury in a timeless design. You can also discover all square watches. All watches you see below are available in different colours. Prisma Precise Pearl Gold €159.00 Add to cart Precise Pearl This [...] Continue Reading
  • prisma tailor titanium watch horloge black Cheap Watches for Men and Women to 89 Euro’s

    Beautiful watches do not necessarily have to be very expensive. Prisma is known for making watches that are not only good quality but also affordable. Are you looking for a watch in the price range up to 99 Euros? Then you will succeed in this overview of cheap watches. Cheap ladies watches Prisma offers dozens [...] Continue Reading
  • eigen kleding stijl How to develop your own personal clothing style How to Develop Your Own Personal Clothing Style?

    Your personal clothing style shows others who you are, but it is not always easy to determine which style really fits you, and how you can dress according to that style. 5 tips for developing your own personal clothing style. 1. Take a stand It is a fact that fashion comes with a lot of [...] Continue Reading
  • 1960 ladies style sixties women skirts 1960 Ladies’ Style was a lot Different than Previous Decade

    Due to increasing wealth, the lifestyle of a lot of people changed during the sixties. Suddenly, fashion changed as well. In this lookbook, we will take a look at some developments in 1960 ladies’ style and discover more about these bustling years. This is a follow-up blog of 1940 ladies style and 1950 women style.

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