• prisma refined Big or small watch? Size matters!

    Watches come in very different sizes. Some people prefer a smaller watch, but others think 'the bigger, the better'. But does something like 'too big' exist? We'll tell you exactly what size watch is right for your wrist. The Watch Case The part of the watch that stands out is the watch case. The size [...] Continue Reading
  • prisma horloges watches horloge bij pak watches for suits This is the right wrist to wear a watch

    Most people wear there watch on their left wrist. 'That's where it belongs', they think. They say a watch has, just like a wedding ring, a place where it should be. But are they right? We explain it to you! Dominant hand To come straight to the point: no, a watch doesn't need to be [...] Continue Reading
  • prisma traveller men watches herenhorloges collectie These are the perfect watches for every lifestyle

    Not all watches are the same. In fact: there are thousands of different ones. With one you can dive meters deep, while the other can only handle splashes. On some watches you can read more than just the time, but also the date or a 24-hour indication. So how do you choose a watch that [...] Continue Reading
  • prisma carre ladies square watch vierkant dameshorloge The retro trend of today

    Retro is hot. The second hand- and vintage stores are filled with flower dresses, old Levi’s jeans and Dr. Martins. This trend is not only seen in clothing but in watches as well. They were very popular in the 1920s and 30s, and now back again: the square and rectangular watches. Let’s have a look [...] Continue Reading
  • prisma sun ray slimline Best Watches to Wear with a Shirt

    The best watches to wear with a dress shirt With a stylish watch, a man makes a statement. It shows you want to present yourself in a respectable manner. You take things seriously, show them.   We have noticed that some gentleman have trouble choosing the right kind of watch to combine with their dress [...] Continue Reading
  • prisma horloges icon watch dameshorloge Watch for dresses: which go well?

    Wearing a dress makes a lady happy! That moment when you finally can wear the dress you bought for a special occasion, or a beauty of a basic that goes with everything. Whatever kind of dress you like to wear, there is a watch for every style. Accessories for your kind of dress Of course you […]

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  • watch for partner watch boyfriend girlfriend gift present cadeau horloge vriend vriendin partner Buying a watch for your partner

    You want to surprise your partner with a beautiful watch but you don’t know where to start? This watch gift-guide will help you choose the right watch for your significant other. Buying a watch as a gift for someone else is not the easiest task. It can be hard to determine what their preferences are […]

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  • chronograaf horloge heren prisma chronograph men watch exclusive watches exclusief horloges Exclusive Watches

    Are you looking for an exclusive watch? At Prisma Watches we have beautiful watches of top quality for both ladies and gentlemen. Exclusive watches for men Of course, Prisma also has exclusive watches for men. Consider, for example, the immensely popular Navigator. You just have to take a look at the watch and the picture […]

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  • prisma rhombic pure Which Accessoires Should I Wear With My Outfit?

    Accessories complete your outfit, and they can change the style of every single piece of clothing. It’s the reason a parisienne’s wardrobe mainly exists of qualitative basics. With accessories, you can create a new combination every day. A few tips to pick the right one’s:

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