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P.1641 – Prisma Pattern Explore Blue
The first thing you realize when you look at this watch is that the blue color isn’t confined to the dial. Also the case and tachymeter are blue. Furthermore, the dial is characterized by the vertical line pattern. This pattern is pulled through to the indexes, which seem to exist out of the same line pattern. This watch is ideal when you’re going (business) casual, since it has the time, day and date.


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P.1595 – Prisma Traveller Dive Blue
When you’re going on an adventure, this watch is your best friend. The large size offers certainty around your wrist. It’s a solid companion. The silicon strap makes sure you can engage in water activities, without worrying about your timekeeper. This watch also continues the trend of extending the blue theme outside of the dial. The pusher that adjusts the day is also coated blue. The different types of blue ensure an interesting and complete package, without being cluttered.


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P.1595 – Prisma Traveller Dive Rosegold
This is the rosegold version of the watch above. Just as sporty and solid, but a completely different appearance due to the blue watch case. A stunning watch for every adventure and with its 10 ATM water restistance perfect for swimming and watersports.

  • Prisma Traveller Vigorous Blue

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P.1903 – Prisma Traveller Vigorous Blue
This watch is the Prisma definition of understated design. It has a very wearable diameter and within this smaller case, it shows so much class. The watch shows you the time, day and date, which can all be set by using the crown. By this complication, your attention is not distracted towards any pushers and therefore you can focus all your attention on the dial. In the sun this dial changes color faster than you can say Prisma. Under some angles the blue is so deep it almost looks black, but in other angles it’s a vibrant light shade of blue. The white Breguet numerals continue the classic trend of the watch and ensure good readability of the watch under every angle.

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  • Prisma Traveller Titanium Blue

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P.1947 – Prisma Traveller Titanium Blue
This blue dial watch is focused on it’s goal, just like you. It doesn’t like nonsense, it’s brutally honest. The deep blue color fades in the light towards a lovely sea blue. The dial only offers space for the absolutely necessary things. The hour indexes, date, 24-hour hand and the two sub-dials for the chronograph. This makes the titanium watch extremely legible and gives the dial plenty of space to shine. The understated details continue into the bracelet, with small polished links.


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P.1664 – Prisma Pattern Steel Blue
From a sleek black to a clear differentiable blue, that’s the color pallet of this watch. This is an ideal everyday watch. An amazingly interesting dial, day and date indication, luminous hands and hour indexes all within a 39 millimeter diameter. This watch comes on a comfortable steel bracelet with small polished links, or a supple complementary leather strap.


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P.1661 – Prisma Pattern Leather Blue
This blue watch is the leather version of the one above. It has the same blue dial and watch case, but has a high-quality leather strap instead of a steel bracelet.


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P.1736 – Prisma Journey Element Blue
This is the toughest blue dial watch. Stainless steel, sapphire glass, 20 ATM water resistance, date indication and an extremely clear and stylish dial. It radiates masculinity through the tough execution of simplistic design. This watch is for when you don’t want to think about whether or not you can go into the water or worry about scratches. It is a workhorse that will never let you down.


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P.1593 – Prisma Traveller Time Light Blue
Tough angles, many surfaces and different finishes are a few of the things that make this watch unique. Immediately you will notice the extremely bright and clear dial. Varying from dark to light in different angles, but always shining. The brown leather strap creates a solid and secure feel around your wrist, while providing amazing contrast with the blue watch dial.


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P.1826 – Prisma Aviator Edition Blue
This watch, inspired by pilots, has a soft dark blue color. This blue men’s watch is highly legible because of the contrast between the hands and the rest of the watch. The extra information on the blue dial, like the day and the date, create extra texture. The markings at the edge of the dial, as well as the indexes, are luminous. This highly increases the legibility of the watch in dark environments.


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P.1719 – Prisma Ultimate Titanium Blue
Simplistic design the Prisma way. No paper thin cases that break so incredibly easily. No unreliable movements. Just a watch, the Dutch way. Exactly right, the first time. The case is masculine but streamlined. The hour indexes are clear and luminous but don’t shout. The hands are luminous as well, but are refined at the same time. The minute markers at the edge of the dial allow for an accurate reading of the time. This clear design lets the dial do the talking, and boy does it talk well. Reading the time in the sun quickly becomes a pleasure since every time you look at your titanium watch, you are greeted by a new face.

  • Prisma 1645 Sun Ray Slimline Watch Blue

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P.1645 – Prisma Slimline Sun Ray Blue
Our collections know many kinds of blue watches, but this one is without doubt the strongest, most convincing, most imposing and most present blue we offer. This incredible dial is housed in a contrastingly modest case. Sleek hands, simple Arabic numerals at 3, 6, 9 and 12 and a date window just big enough to show the double digit dates. Everything sleek and minimal, to enable the dial to shine. And boy does it shine well.

  • Prisma Slimline Steel Mr. Blue

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P.1471 – Prisma Slimline Steel Mr. Blue
Everyone works in a different way. Whether you sit or stand during your job or when you are traveling a lot or just work from home, this blue dial watch is the ideal companion. It’s modern but still classical. Simple in design, but tough. Clearly legible so you are never late for a meeting and when you want something else than the steel bracelet, the strap options are endless. For example a black alligator strap, or how about a contrasting cognac strap?

  • Prisma P.1589 Refined Blue Watch

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P.1589 – Prisma Traveller Refined Blue
Remember the bright blue watch? This is his brother. His older brother. Does this mean that the watch is dated? Certainly not. The movement is just as relevant as his little brothers’, but the lines of the watch are way more refined. This can be best seen when you compare the lugs. The crown and the pushbuttons also portray a more adult watch. The color combination reflects this adult look, dark blue with rose gold. Elegant enough for under a suit, normal enough for every day.

blue dial watches blauwe horloges wijzerplaatprisma refined horloges watches traveller

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P.1592 – Prisma Traveller Time Blue
But what if you don’t want such an adult watch? But you also don’t quite identify with the bright color of his brother? This is the ideal compromise. Dared design, tamed by a dark blue dial with rose gold indexes. A compromise in design certainly does not mean a compromise in functionality. The same day and date indications are present, just like a 24-hour hand.

  • Prisma P.1882 Navigator Blue Watch

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P.1882 – Prisma Explorer Navigator Blue
This is one of, if not the manliest watch we make. And yes, also with a blue dial. Not only because of the diameter, but also by its internals. We have combined a water resistance of 10 ATM with a chronograph, a tachymeter, a rotatable bezel, a 24-hour hand and a date complication. Not only the watch and its movement are robust, also the bracelet is unavoidable. The polished center links offer a great contrast against the brushed finished sides of the bracelet. Be prepared for a heavy watch, because this bracelet is made out of solid stainless steel and the case is quite large.

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