Blue Watches

A blue watch makes a convincing statement and is slightly different than the standard. Enjoy a striking accessory that is suitable for every season. View all watches with blue dial below. Moreover, we have one model with a unique (blue) watch case! Go directly to the blue men or blue ladies for a better overview.

A blue watch is easy to combine.

A watch with blue dial is really different from a black watch. With this color the design becomes fresher and sportier. You see that coming back in the details of the different designs. Moreover, the color is stylish and easy to combine with other colors. It also fits with denim material, such as jeans. That’s why a watch with blue dial is a nice choice for your everyday outfit.

Prisma has stylish watches and bold watches with blue in the color palette. Classic watches also have designs in this color. The color combines especially well with a silver watch, but we currently also have some models with gold and rose gold material.


Blue watches with different designs

The color ‘blue’ often comes across as honest and reliable. So maybe this design helps you during business meetings. Nevertheless, all models are designed to enhance your style. Choose what fits you! The extensive collection consists of both chronograph and multi-functions as well as minimalist design.

A watch is a statement in and of itself. When you wear a blue dial watch you show that your choice was an intentional one. Blue is timeless and insanely popular. It stands for everything you are, better than any other watch could. We’d like to introduce you to our blue watches. Each has a character of its own, every watch has a different purpose. For every occasion and for every occupation, there is a blue Prisma for you.