Blue Women’s Watches

Blue ladies watches are a popular jewel. It is as stylish as a black design, but something more striking. A blue dial is also a fresh detail of your complete outfit. Especially with the use of diamonds you make a great impression! But especially a beautiful classic design has its charm.

  • Prisma P.2009 Balm Watch

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  • Prisma P.2012 Balm Watch

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  • Prisma Retro Corum Rosegold

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  • Prisma Pure Fance Rosegold

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  • Prisma Pure Rhombic Blue

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  • Prisma Royal Dainty Blue

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  • Prisma Precise Pearl Rosegold

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  • Prisma Precise Quadra Rosegold

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  • Prisma Precise Zirconia SilverBlue

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  • 100% NL Lightblue Special Edition small

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  • Prisma Harmony Curle Gold

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  • Prisma Slimline Steel Mrs. Blue

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Blue ladies watch for every day

Blue dials are a trend in the world of watches that keeps increasing in popularity. Every year more new watches with blue dials are announced and released. The dark side of the story is that these models are almost exclusively aimed at men. There are hardly any watches with blue dials for women, let alone one that suits your style. Not so much at Prisma. There are more women watches in our catalogue than men´s watches. The trend for blue ladies watches has not gone unnoticed.

A fresh color does something with the ornament design and the look of your outfit. That is why this accessory is a nice addition to your look. It is ideal to combine with everyday garments and suits different styles. Whether you opt for a chic look or more casual.

A blue ladies watch is a beautiful statement item to emphasize your personal style. Make a brilliant impression wherever you go. That gives pleasure and satisfaction. As you can see, this color is especially beautiful in combination with a silver ladies watch. Nevertheless, you will also find rose gold and gold in the color palette.

Prisma has both beautiful minimalist ladies watches and more striking models with for example diamonds, mother of pearl or a ladies watch with date. Also view all ladies watches or black for ladies.