Buying a watch for your partner

You want to surprise your partner with a beautiful watch but you don’t know where to start? This watch gift-guide will help you choose the right watch for your significant other.

Buying a watch as a gift for someone else is not the easiest task. It can be hard to determine what their preferences are and there are a lot of different styles of watches you can choose from. Prisma comes to the rescue, with a manageable overview of watches.


Step 1: Don’t be afraid to take a chance

Realise that buying a watch for someone else is always a risk, for they might not like it. But do not be afraid to take a chance. Within 28 days, you can return the watch of your purchase, and your partner can easily pick a different watch instead. However, in some cases, it is best to ask your partner a few questions about the kind of watch they like. Inconspicuously of course! Try to do this on time, so they will not expect you to pick out a watch for them. Ask questions about their favorite watch style, or show them a picture of a watch and observe their reaction.

Step 2: Know their style

What’s most important, when choosing a watch for your partner, is to think about their current clothing style and their lifestyle. What kind of apparel do they like to wear? What kind of look do they want to achieve? Does he or she want to appear neat and professional, or rather casual or trendy? Do they already wear some jewellery? What kinds of watches did they used to wear before?

In addition, their way of life can be an important indicator for their watch preferences. This will determine the functionality of the watch. When your partner wants to wear their watch during physical work, you want to opt for a robust watch that can not be broken. But for some people, a watch rather is an accessory than a functional item. Maybe your partner is looking for a watch to express their sporty, chic or fashionable lifestyle. When you think about the things that are most valued in your partners life, choosing the right kind of watch will become easier.

Step 3: Compare different styles of watches

Next, you can look at different styles of watches. We already wrote a blog about the four styles of watches every man should know. To help you make a comparison of the various kinds of watches that are available, we have put them into different categories. Not every watch can be labelled as part of a distinct style, therefore it’s good to also take a look at the entire assortment of Prisma watches here.  

Sportive watches

Your sportive partner is always on the move. He or she likes to put words into action and loves to work towards goals. Whether it be on a hike in the woods, in the gym, a sports team  or in life in general. Let them reflect their active and powerful lifestyle with a sportive watch. Maybe look for a chronograph or a multifunction watch.

Stylish watches

Stylish watches are for people who are not afraid to touch their up their look with classy eye catchers. Your fashionable partner will love a watch that looks luxurious and refined.

But your partner does not have to be on top of style everyday to wear a watch like this. He or she might appreciate to wear a classy watch on occasion. Maybe on formal events or stunning parties.

More inspiration can be found here: What kind of watches go well with a suit? What kind of watches go well with a shirt? What kind of watches go well with a dress?

Classic watches

Your partner likes to wear a watch as an accessory, but finds functionality important as well. They live by ‘’quality above quantity’’. A classic watch is great option, for it can be styled in every single way. A classic watch suits both a casual as a more formal business style, and has a timeless design that can be enjoyed for many years. For lovers of everything vintage and classic, there are watches with a real nostalgic look as well.

Trendy watches

Your partner loves trends and knows what is in season. His or her heart will beat faster when you surprise them with a trendy watch. A watch that is completely unique and on trend is Prisma’s Leeghwater. This new watch is designed by using 3D printing techniques. A watch that every gadgetgeek will love.

Minimalistic watches

Your partner likes the mantra ‘’’less is more’’ . A minimalistic watch will prove that this can be absolutely true. The design of a minimalistic watch is very neat and timeless, and matches every single style and outfit. A multifunctional watch that always looks put-together.

When you have chosen a watch for your partner, have some trust in yourself. He or she will definitely appreciate the effort you took to pick out a stunning item. And, like we already mentioned, you can easily return your purchase, so no worries.