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  • Here comes the sun.

    Summer is here. But maybe we have never been so unaware of that. With all the things going on in the world right now, many of us feel like we are either too engaged with the world, or we have unconsciously become more disconnected. Take some time to get your feet back on the ground […]

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  • Enjoying life with Lonneke

    Enjoying life with Lonneke 21 year old Lonneke loves to capture stories. She takes lovely pictures while traveling, and likes to share her favourite drinks, items and outfits. Enjoying life happens when you take the time for it. For this collaboration, Lonneke choose a pretty squared watch from the Prisma Carre collection. She was looking [...] Continue Reading
  • Exploring Bruges with Jilltje Exploring Bruges with Jilltje

    Exploring Bruges with Jilltje The Belgian Jilltje is from beautiful Bruges. A place that is also known as the "Venice of the North." Just like us, Jilltje is a true lover of cities, photography and good coffee. Time to explore Bruges with her! Bruges is one of the most visited cities in Belgium for a [...] Continue Reading
  • The Style of Do

    De stijl van Do en tips voor meer zelfvertrouwen. Sometimes we just want to stay inside our comfort zone. But out there is where the new opportunities are. We just have to take the first step… which can be scary. Be inspired by the bold style of Do and her tips on self confidence. Look […]

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  • glam by eefje Lovely Little Things on a Spring Day

    Lovely little things on a spring day It is a saturday morning in April, and I woke up a little bit earlier than I normally do. It is 7 AM and the sun is rising already. How I missed days like these, when there is blossom on the trees and wild flowers are growing everywhere. [...] Continue Reading
  • Dutch History: a battle against water

    Dutch history: a battle against water. The Netherlands, land of water. Throughout the years, we have been taught how to regulate the water of the North Sea and many rivers. And since a large part of our country is below the current sea level, you could say that’s a rather good thing. Water is both [...] Continue Reading
  • prisma carre ladies square watch vierkant dameshorloge The retro trend of today

    Retro is hot. The second hand- and vintage stores are filled with flower dresses, old Levi’s jeans and Dr. Martins. This trend is not only seen in clothing but in watches as well. They were very popular in the 1920s and 30s, and now back again: the square and rectangular watches. Let’s have a look [...] Continue Reading
  • eigen kleding stijl How to develop your own personal clothing style How to Develop Your Own Personal Clothing Style?

    Your personal clothing style shows others who you are, but it is not always easy to determine which style really fits you, and how you can dress according to that style. 5 tips for developing your own personal clothing style. 1. Take a stand It is a fact that fashion comes with a lot of [...] Continue Reading
  • 1960 ladies style sixties women skirts 1960 Ladies’ Style was a lot Different than Previous Decade

    Due to increasing wealth, the lifestyle of a lot of people changed during the sixties. Suddenly, fashion changed as well. In this lookbook, we will take a look at some developments in 1960 ladies’ style and discover more about these bustling years. This is a follow-up blog of 1940 ladies style and 1950 women style.

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