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  • Prisma Alfa, a first choice watch

    Alfa, the first. A stunning new watch collection that is a first choice for many gentlemen. For those men who like making things clear, without using a lot of words. Timeless, classy and multifaceted. This is Prisma Alfa. Clear lines, a smooth watch case. The new models of Prisma Alfa make an expressive impression. The […]

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  • How to look put-together

    Hey ladies! We hope you have been enjoying the better style series so far! Have you enjoyed reading our FREE DOWNLOAD to level up your everyday style? We’d love to know what you think about it. Today on the blog, we are going to discuss a topic that many women wonder about: ‘How can I […]

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  • Our best tips for wearing accessories!

    Accessories are a woman’s best friend. Wearing accessories gives you an extra stylish look and feel, and shows that you put more effort into your outfit. And above all else, wearing accessories that resonate with your personality and preferences makes you happy! It is an easy way to accomplish an elevated look, and is also […]

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  • 10 Men’s watches for a stylish summer

    A watch is a man’s companion. It’s the accessory that gets you those compliments. At Prisma, we have many different watch styles for men. Polished, tough, adventurous or classic? Pick yours today. Here are 10 different men’s watches for an amazing summer. Pick your favorite! 1. Navigator: Robust and sturdy Powerful and impressive to make […]

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  • horloge glas vervangen leeghwater glas horloge vervangen Can your watch glass be replaced?

    Very undesirable, but sometimes it happens: a crack in the glass of your beloved timepiece. Can you have your watch repaired or is it time for a new one? And are you entitled to warranty? Unfortunately, there usually is no guarantee on the glass of your timepiece. This is because a damaged glass is always […]

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  • how to clean your watch hoe horloge schoonmaken prisma traveller light blue lichtblauw horloge How to clean your watch the proper way

    Just like every other accessory, your watch needs some maintenance. After wearing your watch for a long period of time, stains and dirt may become visible. Time to clean your watch. The good news is: you can do it all by yourself. Caring for your watch will give it that ‘brandnew’ look and will also […]

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  • Zomeractie back to school alpina prisma kinderhorloge Up to what age are kids watches?

    The children’s watch is usually suitable for children aged 6 to 14. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of difference in types and appearance. That is why this age category can be divided into different groups. Toddlers and preschoolers Many children up to the age of 6 cannot see the clock. Do you want to […]

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  • prisma refined Big or small watch? Size matters!

    Watches come in very different sizes. Some people prefer a smaller watch, but others think 'the bigger, the better'. But does something like 'too big' exist? We'll tell you exactly what size watch is right for your wrist. The Watch Case The part of the watch that stands out is the watch case. The size [...] Continue Reading
  • prisma horloges watches horloge bij pak watches for suits This is the right wrist to wear a watch

    Most people wear there watch on their left wrist. 'That's where it belongs', they think. They say a watch has, just like a wedding ring, a place where it should be. But are they right? We explain it to you! Dominant hand To come straight to the point: no, a watch doesn't need to be [...] Continue Reading