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  • Prisma Alfa, a first choice watch

    Alfa, the first. A stunning new watch collection that is a first choice for many gentlemen. For those men who like making things clear, without using a lot of words. Timeless, classy and multifaceted. This is Prisma Alfa. Clear lines, a smooth watch case. The new models of Prisma Alfa make an expressive impression. The […]

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  • How to look put-together

    Hey ladies! We hope you have been enjoying the better style series so far! Have you enjoyed reading our FREE DOWNLOAD to level up your everyday style? We’d love to know what you think about it. Today on the blog, we are going to discuss a topic that many women wonder about: ‘How can I […]

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  • Our best tips for wearing accessories!

    Accessories are a woman’s best friend. Wearing accessories gives you an extra stylish look and feel, and shows that you put more effort into your outfit. And above all else, wearing accessories that resonate with your personality and preferences makes you happy! It is an easy way to accomplish an elevated look, and is also […]

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  • horloge glas vervangen leeghwater glas horloge vervangen Can your watch glass be replaced?

    Very undesirable, but sometimes it happens: a crack in the glass of your beloved timepiece. Can you have your watch repaired or is it time for a new one? And are you entitled to warranty? Unfortunately, there usually is no guarantee on the glass of your timepiece. This is because a damaged glass is always […]

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  • prisma traveller men watches herenhorloges collectie These are the perfect watches for every lifestyle

    Not all watches are the same. In fact: there are thousands of different ones. With one you can dive meters deep, while the other can only handle splashes. On some watches you can read more than just the time, but also the date or a 24-hour indication. So how do you choose a watch that [...] Continue Reading
  • prisma horloges icon watch dameshorloge Watch for dresses: which go well?

    Wearing a dress makes a lady happy! That moment when you finally can wear the dress you bought for a special occasion, or a beauty of a basic that goes with everything. Whatever kind of dress you like to wear, there is a watch for every style. Accessories for your kind of dress Of course you […]

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  • watch for partner watch boyfriend girlfriend gift present cadeau horloge vriend vriendin partner Buying a watch for your partner

    You want to surprise your partner with a beautiful watch but you don’t know where to start? This watch gift-guide will help you choose the right watch for your significant other. Buying a watch as a gift for someone else is not the easiest task. It can be hard to determine what their preferences are […]

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  • prisma rhombic pure Which Accessoires Should I Wear With My Outfit?

    Accessories complete your outfit, and they can change the style of every single piece of clothing. It’s the reason a parisienne’s wardrobe mainly exists of qualitative basics. With accessories, you can create a new combination every day. A few tips to pick the right one’s:

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  • Prisma affordable watches for suits Tips for a Stylish Christmas Outfit

    Christmas is the ideal opportunity to get even more chic than usual for the day. So make some time to cut through your wardrobe. Otherwise it will be the standard jeans and shirt again. We put a few tips in a row, so you can look good with a stylish Christmas outfit.

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