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  • Keep it real; Prisma Brace

    Time for a new release! Four new studs have been added to the gentlemen’s collection! Are you ready for Prisma Brace? These watches are sleek, they are strong and most importantly, they are GREAT for everyday wear. Keeping it real The Prisma Brace watches show off their calm and sturdy assets at a first glance. […]

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  • How to know what looks good on you.

    Not trying to be controversial here, but: Does this actually look good on you? Yes, an item might look amazing, but does that mean it will look amazing when YOU wear it? No, not always! Today on the blog, we will discuss the idea that clothing and style needs to work for you, and not […]

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  • How to look put-together

    Hey ladies! We hope you have been enjoying the better style series so far! Have you enjoyed reading our FREE DOWNLOAD to level up your everyday style? We’d love to know what you think about it. Today on the blog, we are going to discuss a topic that many women wonder about: ‘How can I […]

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  • Our best tips for wearing accessories!

    Accessories are a woman’s best friend. Wearing accessories gives you an extra stylish look and feel, and shows that you put more effort into your outfit. And above all else, wearing accessories that resonate with your personality and preferences makes you happy! It is an easy way to accomplish an elevated look, and is also […]

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  • 3 Easy ways to dress better.

    Ladies, we are so excited for today’s post! Today we are launching a project that is filled to the brim with love, inspiration and style tips for the everyday woman who wants to start dressing better! Because let’s be real: we ALL have been there. We all know the feeling of uncertainty when it comes […]

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  • Vintage summer Vintage Summer

    Eliza Schneider shares the most stunning outfit creations online. This ‘Vintage Summer’ look by Eliza is featured by the classy lady’s watch Prisma Prestige. Incredibly stylish she is. Her aesthetic is a combination of white, nudes and earth tones and often with a vintage twist. To complete this summer look, Eliza chose the Prisma Prestige […]

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  • klassiek horloge wit overhemd classic watch white shirt Men’s wear: White & Denim

    Summer is here. Let’s show you a summer inspired look that will make a great impression on every occasion: at your job, at the summer barbecue, or even on a date. This outfit was created by Dominik from @Domiabendroth. Dominik’s style reflects that every man is able to make a groomed and clean-cut impression without […]

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  • sportive or classy watch Sportive or Classy? Why not choose both!

    Sportive or classy? Prisma Traveller styled in two completely different ways. Jordan Welton from London is always on the go. Every day is different, and so is his style. Whether he wears something casual and carefree or something more put-together, the Traveller keeps making it’s statement. Jordan and the Traveller have something in common: their […]

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  • a men and his watch A man and his watch

    An attitude that strives to be great in all areas of life. Classy, professional and clean cut: how the Prisma Refined became a legendary timepiece for men. A man and his watch: they reinforce each other. Well, only if the watch makes an actual impression. A watch is usually one of the only accessories a […]

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