Cheap Watches for Men and Women to 89 Euro’s

Beautiful watches do not necessarily have to be very expensive. Prisma is known for making watches that are not only good quality but also affordable. Are you looking for a watch in the price range up to 99 Euros? Then you will succeed in this overview of cheap watches.

Cheap ladies watches

Prisma offers dozens of models in the price category up to and including 89 euros. What you get for that? Our cheapest model is a stretch strap watch, the Prisma Regnant Sense with white or black dial. The entire watch is made of high-quality stainless steel. The timepiece is protected by the strongest glass in the world, the scratch-resistant sapphire glass. With a protection of 5 ATM you do not have to worry about water damage up to 50 meters. So you definitely get value for your money. A Prisma Regnant Sense has you for only 65 euros!


Cheap watches for ladies under 89 euros

If we look at a price range up to and including 79 euros, you will find some nice watches with high quality genuine leather strap. Think of the Prisma Serenity Pure, in three variations and the Prisma Signature Mrs. with white or black dial. The Prisma Devotion collection consists of no less than five very elegant models with a narrow leather strap. Totally on-trend is also Prisma Small with iconic dial and distinctive hands. These small watches are very populair nowadays.

Between 79 and 89 Euros you will find many ladies models with leather strap. The exception is the Prisma Journey Mrs. with steel link. This watch is a typical Prism model. High quality, with sapphire glass and up to 100 meters waterproof. We can really speak of top quality. You are sure that you will enjoy it for a long time.

Cheap watches for men

Among the cheap watches for men, we also find here the stretch band models with white, black or blue dial. For a tenner more you have a Prisma Dome Beauty with light brown or black leather watch band. The beautiful Prisma Dome glass is convex and really adds something to the minimalistic design.


A cheap watch under 89 euros

Regnant Belief is a cheap watch with stretch band, made entirely of stainless steel and with sapphire glass. Just for 79 euros. Standard with date function. Enjoy the wearing comfort and flexibility that the classic stretch band offers.

For the classic gentleman, the Prisma Tailor. With Roman numerals a watch that perfectly matches a beautiful costume. For fans of the chain we recommend the Prisma Journey Mr. Ultimate with white or black dial. Watches of the highest quality stainless steel, 10 ATM waterproof and with sapphire glass.

Cheap children’s watches

Under 39 euros you will find digital watches for boys and girls in various trendy colors. You will find watches in this category up to 50 meters waterproof but also up to 100 meters waterproof! Kids Watches that are resistant to a good rain shower, but also models that you can dive with.


Children’s watches up to 79 euros

Between 40 and 79 euros you will find analogue children’s watches with a beautiful dial and (PU) leather strap of exceptional quality. Choose a watch band with striking stitching or a dial set with zirconia stones. At Prisma you always succeed!