Enjoy The Fine Art Of Classical Beauty Forevermore

Feel free to capture and live time. Carbon is a new serie in the Prisma Signature collection. This classical beauty is proof of identity and intent.

prisma signature carbon horloges nederlands horlogemerk classical beauty

Inspiration for the Signature collection.

A signature is proof of identity and intent. It’s personal and characterizes a style. Like your signature, a watch is part of your identity and serves your goal. This watch is designed to be the signature of your lifestyle. The moment you look at your watch creates sense of ability, autonomy and effectiveness. That moment you know; it’s your time to shine.

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Creativity is a product of time, don’t wait for inspiration. Motivate yourself and create. Keep pushing towards perfection. Yes, that means a lot of hard work. But if you follow your passion, it will always end up right. Prisma Watches created Signature Carbon as a statement to your goal. An attention to your surroundings and motivational power to build your own dream. Just play.

prisma watches signature carbon-horloges nederlands horlogemerk kwaliteit

A classical watch

prisma signature carbon

At a glance, this classical watch is undeniably recognizable as a Prisma Signature Carbon. The unique patterned dial is a little confusing and stunning at the same time. It underlines Prisma’s motto; Don’t live by the standards of this world, but stand out of the crowd, before you get lost in it. Furthermore, the hands are a typical detail of a classical watch. Even as the clear index and date on the dial. This quality watch is available in five colours and a men’s and ladies model. Classy and suitable for different occasions.

Find this classical watch online.

prisma horloges signature carbon watches dutch watch brand herenhorloge

What you think about these new models? And what would you like to see in the future? Read more about Dutch watch brand Prisma.

prisma horloges signature carbon watches dutch watch brand

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