How to Develop Your Own Personal Clothing Style?

Your personal clothing style shows others who you are, but it is not always easy to determine which style really fits you, and how you can dress according to that style. 5 tips for developing your own personal clothing style.

1. Take a stand

It is a fact that fashion comes with a lot of trends, some items are out of style quickly, and it might feel a little confusing. Stop. Don’t let fashion standards and trends take control over you. Even though it can be a lot of fun to follow some trends, you are not obligated to do so. It is important to always stay true to who you are, and only wear things you really like. When something is totally stylish at the moment, but you dislike it, just don’t buy it, you don’t need to. Always ask yourself the following question: Am I buying this because I like it, or because others like it? There is nothing wrong with asking for advice from people around you, but remember to not blindlessly follow their critics and suggestions, again; follow your own feeling. Also, don’t be scared of their negative reactions, if you like a piece of clothing, just wear it. A personal clothing style is part of your identity.


2. Get to know your preferences

So how do you exactly know WHAT you like? You will find the answer by collecting a lot of inspiration materials. You can find outfit inspiration online, in magazines or on apps like Pinterest. Collect these pictures and store them in one place. Try to figure out why you find a picture appealing. Why does it speak to you? You may find a lot of different styles in the pictures you have selected, but look for their similarities. Look at colours, materials, accessories and the way the clothing is styled and combined. Are there a lot of layers, is the clothing wide or tight, are the outfits looking bold or formal? Describe the feeling you get from the outfits, it will help you to get a clear view of what you want to represent in your own personal style.

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3. Find out what looks good on you

Knowing what looks good on you and what doesn’t, is very important in developing your own style. We are all different, what fits someone well, may not be the best for you. Do some research about the different colour types –spring,summer,autumn and wintertypes- and discover which colour type you are. Your hair colour, skin colour and eye colour often determine whether a colour makes your face glow or not. Experiment with some colours and you will see which colours make you shine. The same for your body type. Know which body type you have, and dress according to it. When clothing accentuates the parts you are happy with, it will really flatter you.


4. Dare to show yourself

Of course it is important to feel comfortable in your clothing, but staying in your comfort zone is something different. Try to step out, sometimes, and don’t be afraid of negative reactions. You are unique, and you have the right to wear what makes you happy. Just go for those heels, wear that special dress to that not-so-special occassion, and combine those two patterns if you think they match very well. Dare to show your own style, people will admire it.


5. It’s all about details

With the right accessories, looking put-together suddenly becomes easy. Accessories are an amazing way to style your outfits, and make them look complete. They can add some extra elegance or edge to whatever it is you are wearing. A simple outfit, for example, can become fashionable by adding a nice statement necklace. A belt can give your outfit a twist as well. Everything will go with gold and silver accessories, but you may want to choose some colour. If you wear accessories in a colour that is in your outfit, you will look in balance, and perfectly matching. Some unique tights, a beautiful bag or some lipstick also give your look a twist.


And remember, a personal clothing style is something you develop, it doesn’t happen overnight. Experiment, be yourself and enjoy the process!

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