Durable watch with striking classic design that will last

This durable watch for men has been upgraded. Prisma knows what a good, quality watch must meet. So discover the new Pattern Solid. A strong watch with a beautiful classic design.

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Durable watch with stylish design

We once made a list with tough watches for labor, but this model is of a different level. First of all, the watch strap has an extendable closure. This makes it look like the watch is quickly shooting off the wrist, but nothing is less true. This actually prevents the watchband from breaking under a lot of pressure. Do you do a lot of intensive work and do you often find power on the watch? Then this is an ideal system. In addition, this quality watch has a shock-resistant movement, which allows it to withstand impact more quickly.

Features of the durable watch

In addition to the above characteristics, the watch is provided with scratch-resistant sapphire glass. This keeps the glass clear even after frequent use. Fourthly, the watch is 10 ATM waterproof. So you can also swim with it. The crown protector ensures that the pin does not break off if it gets hit hard.

durable watch zwart kwaliteitshorloge prisma pattern solid black
prisma pattern solid kwaliteitshorloge heren durable watch for men
kwaliteitshorloge durable watch 10 ATM sapphire glass prisma pattern solid
prisma pattern solid durable watch kwaliteitshorloge

Details in design

Is quality then everything you can expect? Of course not. The design is very similar to the current Pattern collection. The stylish and symmetrical details form a powerful whole. Especially the striped dial adds extra character to the watch. Furthermore, this recognizable dial is filled with a double index of both numbers and dashes.

Ease of use

The watch also has a date indication. A handy and commonly used watch function. The most important index, like the date, is placed on the dial and provided with a silver-colored border. This gives the watch more contrast and makes it is easier to read. So every time you take a look at the dial, you can enjoy the coherent details.

The durable watch in four colours

This new collection comes in several versions, so that it will suit your personal preference. There is a complete black version. This one is tough and striking around the wrist. Or do you prefer the silver model with blue, black or white dial? Furthermore, the watch band and watch case have a brushed and polished finish. Thanks to the polished watch finish, the watch shines in any light. In constrast to this the brushed piece creates a tough and luxurious look.

Last but not least, we can say that the fine connection of the watchband and case provides ultimate wearing comfort. A strong watch for men that is practical and stylish. A durable watch that the wearer can be proud of every day. Which color do you go for?

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  • Prisma P.1145 Pattern Solid White

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  • Prisma P.1147 Pattern Solid Blue

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  • Prisma P.1148 Pattern Solid All Black

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