Welcome in the magical world of Prisma. An invitation to Dutch creativity and craftmanship. The Prisma story started in 1948, when the first watch was produced from the desire to deliver quality, good looking watches with fair prices. Since the creation of the brand almost 70 years ago, these are the fundamental core values. Our passion is deelply rooted in Dutch culture. Simple, honest and reliable. Prisma was one of the world’s first watch brands with quartz movements in the mid-20th century. This innovation made watches more accurate and less expensive. We think that is pretty cool.

Besides offering high quality watches with the best prices, we offer a great diversity in assortment. A beautiful watch is a wonderful expression of character. It does not matter what you do in everyday life. Prisma has the right watch for you. We like to see that everyone is happy with their appearance. In addition to high quality and sophisticated design, we stand for priceless moments. Prisma inspires to get the most out of every moment. Time is your greatest asset, so please don’t spend it on negativity. Enjoy the small things, take it easy and invest in relationships instead. Having a good time doesn’t need to be expensive.

This fine wristwatch can signify a milestone or an achievement like graduating from college or getting your first job. These are those little moments that last a lifetime. Life is a journey. That sounds a bit cliché, but it is kinda true. Don’t wake up every morning with the mindset that life will be even greater within 10 or 20 years. Enjoy the ride and be thankful for today.

Creativity and Craftmanship.



Some people would like to have an indestructible watch. A timepiece with a clear dial and streamlined design. As a Dutch watch brand, Prisma knows as no one else what kind of watch real workers appreciate. Only the highest materials are used. All Stainless Steel or titanium, sapphire glass (scratch proof) and 10 or 20 ATM waterproof. This watch can definitely take a beating.


Is quality all you expect in a watch? Not a chance. Your watch is a statement. Probably the most determining accessory there is. That is why we love watches so much. A Prisma timepiece gives a little insight into who you are. It represents your lifestyle. This dutch watch brand is comfortable and stylish. Modern with a classic touch.


Just have a little fun! Playing sports makes you feel good. It activates a positive mindset and creates the ultimate feeling. This Dutch watch brand is designed as an enhancement of your progressive side. Trendsetting timepieces for any occasion. Show the world you are an uncommon breeze with one of these striking models.

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