Welcome in the magical world of the oldest Dutch watch brand Prisma. An invitation to creativity and craftsmanship. Do you remember when you got your first Prisma watch? Many Dutch people still do remember that moment. Already in the year 1955 we had a major milestone. Over 125,000 people wore the Prisma watch on the wrist. There is even an advertisement about this in an old newspaper. On this page you will discover more about the Prisma history, the future, the assortment, the Prisma jewellers and the community.


Since 1948

Dutch watch brand Prisma stems from a collaboration of watch lovers. They wanted to introduce a new watch line that was accessible to everyone. For people who appreciate style and quality, but who do not need a watch of thousands of euros. This dream came true after the war in the year 1948. The first Prisma watch was made to offer high quality, elegant watches for a good price. Since the creation of the brand almost 70 years ago, these are the fundamental core values. Our passion is deeply rooted in Dutch culture. Simple, honest and reliable. This gave Prisma a place in the heart of many people, including Dutch celebrities such as Johan Cruijff and Irene Moors.


Good old times

Another nice fact is that Prisma was one of the world’s first watch brands with quartz movements in the mid-20th century. This innovation made watches more accurate and less expensive. We think that is pretty cool. In addition, Prisma continued to produce mechanical and gold watches. Those were favourite to give as a present. For example, if someone worked at the same company for 25 years he or she would receive a golden Prisma watch. Over the years, Prisma has become a well-known watch brand in the Netherlands and abroad. The collections went along with their time without losing sight of the good old past. With Prisma you are assured of quality.

Prisma horloges watches advertentie promotion 1955
Prisma horloges watches watches advertisement

Dutch watch brand with a new mission

Next year Prisma will be 70 years old. A special milestone. Thousands of people, from different generations, have spent a part of their lives on this amazing watch brand. Millions of fellow world citizens are familiar with the craftsmanship. Prisma is therefore a collective, an icon and inextricably linked to growth in The Netherlands. What started as a dream of some watch lovers has become something of all of us. It is a brand where you can be proud of every day.

Therefore, we would like to share the rich history and strong culture with others. So next to the beautiful Dutch landscape also the inspiring mentality of typical Dutch quality and sobriety. A cozy country of freedom and equality. Having a good time doesn’t need to be expensive. We try to do that a little better every day. Do you join us?

johan cruijff prisma horloges watches

The watch collections

Prisma is The Netherlands and The Netherlands is Prisma. As diverse as the Dutch population, so varied is the offer in Prisma watches. From reliable work watches to design watches. A beautiful watch is a wonderful expression of character. It does not matter what you do in everyday life. This Dutch watch brand has the right watch for you. We like to see everyone happy with his or her appearance. Prisma proudly shares this open Dutch feeling. The collections reinforce this lifestyle.


Quality watches

We would like to get value for money. Therefore, all watches are made of high quality materials such as stainless steel and titanium. There are also collections with sapphire glass, the strongest and clearest glass that exist. Watches with 10 or even 20 ATM waterproofing are no exception. The leather straps are hypoallergenic and made of top quality. So with a Prisma timepiece you really have quality on your wrist. Some people would like to have an indestructible watch. A model with a clear dial and streamlined design. As a Dutch watch brand, Prisma knows as no one else what kind of watch real workers appreciate.

The design

Is quality all you expect in a watch? Not a chance. Your watch is a statement. Probably the most determining accessory there is. That is why we love watches so much. A Prisma gives a little insight into who you are. It represents your lifestyle. This Dutch watch brand is comfortable and stylish. Modern and with a classic touch. Other watches are cool and sporty, because it just feels good to be sporty. It activates a positive attitude to life. That is why Dutch watch brand Prisma is also offering trendy models for every occasion. Complete your look with one of these eye-catching timepieces.

nederlands horlogemerk prisma dutch watch brand

The future of watchmaking

The future is full of new opportunities and challenges. Prisma remains accessible and will also produce watches of € 1,500.- in the long run. Watches designed not only in The Netherlands, but also produced. With this range of expansion, our Dutch watch brand is entering a new phase. The possibilities of 3D printing and smartwatches are also under investigation. If you want to talk about it, please contact us.

Prisma Stores

Experience the collections of Dutch watch brand Prisma yourself near you. Over 300 jewellers are official dealer in The Netherlands. Shops where people have the right expertise to help you. Isn’t there any store near you or do you need further assistance? Please contact us. Also if you would like to become a reseller.

Prisma Friendship – The Alliance

Prisma is all about friends. The rich history since 1948 speaks for itself – you wouldn’t get this far without the support of thousands of people from four generations. Prisma Friends are many and diverse. Prisma can not do without its partners. We inspire each other in concept, development, creation, retail and media. Everyone shares the passion for design and craftsmanship.

However, there is one group of friends who is perhaps the most connected to this Dutch watch brand: the wearers of a Prisma watch. As a co-owner, you contribute to the future of Prisma. Thanks to you, Prisma can continue with this fantastic watch adventure. A Prisma co-owner is part of the alliance. Therefore, you deserve a place on this website. Share your photo and become part of the alliance by tagging us on Instagram: #prismawatches

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