Effort is the New Titanium Collection for Ladies

We would like to introduce you to the new Effort collection. By going back to what you seek in a watch, we have found the fundamentals of this titanium ladies watch. Discover the core of the collection below or check out all titanium watches.

New Effort collection for ladies

Prisma ladies watch titanium dameshorloge saffierglas 10 ATM
An everyday beauty

You want a watch you can wear every day, but this doesn’t mean your timepiece needs to be toned down or boring. That’s why we created a dial with three different surfaces to make it appealing. The middle of the dial is beautifully decorated by a horizontal diamond pattern. Around this pattern is an edge with minute markers, so you can read the time accurately through the sapphire glass.

Around the minute markers is a sparkling edge, this makes the hour indicators very visible. The Arabic 12 and 6 also contribute to the easy readability of the watch. On the spot where you would regularly find the 3, you can now find a date window. Beneath this wonderful dial is a reliable Japanese quartz movement which will keep your time accurately for years.

prisma titanium dameshorloge ladies watch
titanium dameshorloge saffierglas 10 ATM Prisma
Details of the Effort collection.

The diameter of this titanium ladies watch is 29 millimeters. This is big enough to easily read the time, but still an elegant piece of jewelry. She will never be in your way, but will always accompany you. It does not matter where you go or what time it is.

The watch is made of titanium. This is significantly lighter than steel, what most timepieces are made of. Furtermore, it also makes the watch easy and comfortable to wear. Which gives you a good and sure feeling.

Prisma titanium dameshorloge saffierglas 10 ATM
prisma titanium ladies watch dameshorloge close
A titanium ladies watch for comfort and joy.

The clasp of the bracelet is easy to use by pushing in two pushbuttons. The design is made to never accidentally slip of your wrist. The clasp is seamlessly integrated into the bracelet, making it almost unnoticeable. Only the elegant bracelet will stand out and enhances the design of the watch case. Do you prefer silver watches, gold or bicolor?

The pretty dial with it’s feminine and comfortable diameter, the light materials and elegant bracelet makes this into the perfect everyday watch. A stunning accessory as your new best friend. View all titanium watches here.

Prisma ladies watch titanium dameshorloge saffierglas 10 ATM
Take a closer look at this Effort model:
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