Exploring Bruges with Jilltje

Exploring Bruges with Jilltje

The Belgian Jilltje is from beautiful Bruges. A place that is also known as the “Venice of the North.” Just like us, Jilltje is a true lover of cities, photography and good coffee. Time to explore Bruges with her!

Bruges is one of the most visited cities in Belgium for a reason. With its many canals, bridges and cozy alleys, Bruges looks like a delicate painting. The city is characterized by its medieval appearance. The many narrow quays, with houses with beautiful facades, make you go back in time.

Exploring Bruges with Jilltje

Jilltje enjoys sitting on the quay of Bruges and loves exploring the city on her days off. As a coffee fan, she likes to share her favorite hotspots, such as I Love Coffee and Cafe Adriaan in Bruges.

The Belgian Fashionista knows how to make a stylish impression. With the right accessories, Jilltje makes any ordinary outfit special. For this shoot she wore her beloved trench coat, which she often combines with black or denim jeans. In addition, she opts for a striking designer bag, black boots with silver details and the beautiful silver Prisma Fertile.

It is the details that make the Fertile Royal collection so sparkling. Jilltje’s watch is truly a gem. The silver can be combined with anything, but makes a statement because of the beautiful shine and the romantic dial.

During a trip to Bruges, a visit to the Grote Markt – the historic center of Bruges – is highly recommended. Just like a visit to the Belfry. Shop ‘till you drop in the Steenstraat and Geldmuntstraat, taste chocolate at one of the many chocolateries in the city and take a boat trip through the canals.

Would you like to see more of beautiful Bruges? Jilltje shares all of her Belgian adventures on her instagram @Jilltjelescrauwaet. Or take a look at her blog Jillsblog.life.


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