The finest watches for Mother’s Day

Grab your calendar and draw a big red circle at Sunday May 14. Mother’s Day is a great day to surprise your mom. Every mom will be secretly surprised if she receives a little present, right? Even if your mother says she does not need it or says she already has everything. Say yourself; if someone deserves it…mom is!


Does your mother have a casual, classic or yet a modern style? Help, what does my mom really like?! Using this blog, you can easily determine the style of your mother. So no stress and let us know which of the following styles your mother fits best. From a modern mother to a classic one. This will help you out.

1. Casual Mama

With a casual outfit she is always well dressed and ready to go out! Whether you go to school or work, a terrace or the sports club. There are many accessories and watches that fit well with your casual mom. A nice Prisma accessory enhances that casual feeling.

  • Prisma Pure Rhombic Crème

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  • Prisma Pure Rhombic Gold

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2. Modern mother

Is your mother up to date with the latest trends? Does she know what the fashion colours of the upcoming season will be? And what you can’t wear this year? Then you proabably have a very modern mother. Someone who reads more fashion magazines and fashion blogs, than that she is following the news.


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3. Classical mother

Does your mother love classic jewelry and accessories? Does she usually wear stylish clothes and does she likes to be well dressed without being obtrusive? Then she would like to have chic accessories and for example a watch with classic details.

4. Notable mother

Does your mother love the striking style items, preferable with some shiny details? Then the below watches will suit very well. Square watches are the best choice for a lady if she likes to do things differently.

  • Prisma Precise Pearl Rosegold

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5. Romantic Mother

Does your mother have lace dresses and silk blouses? THen these romantic ladies watches fit perfectly with your mother’s romantic style.

  • Prisma Mayflower Gold

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  • Prisma Royal Constant White

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Which watch do you think is a wonderful gift for your mother?

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