A collection inspired by the first ladies watch

We would like to take you back to the Italy of 1808. In August of that year, Caroline Murat became the proud Queen of Naples. She lived in the big and imposing Castel Nuovo, the new castle. The wrist of this Queen was decorated by the very first wristwatch. That watch had an oval shape. The wrist watch became a feminine piece of jewelry until the end of the century thanks to this piece of jewelry and the Queen.

Imperial watch collection

This history spoke to us as watchmakers, we could not leave this unanswered. We were inspired by the events and gave it our own unmistakable twist. Thanks to this entire process, we can offer you the most feminine watch we ever made. We proudly would like to introduce you to the new Prisma Imperial collection.

To ambitious to make just one ladies watch, we made four. We didn’t choose to make the watch case oval to pay our respect to the original case. Instead we made two rectangle and two round watches. Thanks to these options you can choose the watch that suits you.

prisma imperial round achterkant first ladies watch eerste dameshorloge
prisma imperial round achterkant first ladies watch eerste dameshorloge

The Imperial Round

Simplistic design is important in this watch. The twelve is indicated by a diamond stone, which carefully plays with the light. The small case, dial and hands make this watch still incredibly easy to read.

The royal touch is in the bracelet. This is attached to the top of the case, and can be undone at the bottom. This creates the appearance that your watch is on a smooth bracelet. The bracelet is wide enough to give a secure and solid feeling, while staying genuinely feminine.

prisma imperial round gold
prisma imperial round silver

Take a closer look at the watch:

  • Prisma Imperial Round Gold

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  • Prisma Imperial Round Silver

    109.00 Add to cart

The Imperial Rectangle

This watch is as feminine as the Prisma Imperial Round, but has an entirely different look. The rectangle case reveals the royal touch, a wonderful Mother Of Pearl dial. The watch focuses the attention on the dial by keeping it uncluttered.

The clear lay-out stops with the case as the bracelet is made up out of tiny links which create an elegant pattern. The watch wears extremely comfortable with these small links. It gives a secure and confident feeling despite the size. The invisible clasp brings let this elegant bracelet blend together.

prisma imperial rectangle silver
prisma imperial rectangle gold

Take a closer look at the watch:

  • Prisma Imperial Rectangle Gold

    129.00 Add to cart
  • Prisma Imperial Rectangle Silver

    119.00 Add to cart

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