7 tips on how to make a good first impression

Making a good first impression is nice and important. Whether you meet new people in a formal or a casual setting. You want to makesure that people will remind you in a good way. Therefore, read these 7 tips on how to make a good first impression. Let’s shine!

How to make a good first impression

Just have fun improving yourself! Making the best impression possible is one of those things we can keep working on. Fortunately, there are just a few things to keep in mind. Discover all men’s watches or women’s watches.

1. Be aware of your body language

Body language speaks louder than words, even more than that; research tells us that over 90% of a first impression is based on body language. So, being aware of it is necessary. Try to have good posture and stand tall. This will make you look more confident and active. Also, it is important to look very approachable, so don’t wrap your arms stiffly around each other, but be relaxed, otherwise, pretend to be.

2. A good handshake

A good handshake is somewhere between too tight and too limp. You don’t want to appear weak or timid, but you also do not want to squeeze someone. It is all about balance, and again, be approachable and don’t be scared to take initiative.

3. Smile!

Whoever it is you are meeting, a friendly smile is essential. It will give you and the other person a good feeling. When you smile, you look positive and warm, exactly how you want to appear. But keep it natural, don’t burst into laughter at inappropriate times, this will cause confusion and can get annoying.

4. Be interested in the other person

You may have planned things you really want to say during the conversation, but don’t focus too much on saying everything that is on your list. Try to relax and go with the flow of the conversation. And most importantly: listen to the other person. In that way, you will show interest and you are able to formulate appropriate answers. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and let the other person know you understand they are saying by giving non-verbal signals. Also, people love to hear their own name, so make sure you remember their name and address them personally.

5. Have good manners

Whatever might happen, be on time. Keep phone numbers with you, in case of an unexpected delay. Being early is even better, it enables you to get used to the environment and you can prepare yourself a little. Be polite, greet someone in an appropriate way and don’t forget to thank them at the end of your meeting.

6. Watch out for the nerves

While talking to somebody, you should not constantly touch your hair, face and clothing. This can happen easily, especially when you are not concious about it. To prevent looking nervous, put your hair up, and don’t wear clothing with ruffles.

6. Wear a nice outfit

You should adjust your outfit to the occassion, but always wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Be stylish and eye-cathing in a balanced way, so people will definitely remind you. The colour of your clothing tells others a lot about your personality, so keep that in mind. Choose colours who strengthen your appearance, but don’t let them be too dominating. Nothing can go wrong with neutral colours. Make your outfit a little bit more special with some subtle coloured accessories and some nice shoes. A watch can help you look more put-together and will enhance your style. Go for a sharp, modern watch, for a clear and organized look.

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how to make a good impression

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