Here comes the sun.

Summer is here. But maybe we have never been so unaware of that.

With all the things going on in the world right now, many of us feel like we are either too engaged with the world, or we have unconsciously become more disconnected.

Take some time to get your feet back on the ground this summer.

Today is just an easy read on the blog. Oh, and some cool watch inspiration. Are you in?

Because you know, it is that time of the year again. There comes the sun. And even though life is crazy right now, things going fast and very slow all at ones, maybe it is time to just get back to reality. To life in our own town or city, to life with the people we love.

We might spend the summer in our own back garden maybe. But let’s enjoy it then! With a cup of coffee, reading an actual book, looking up and feeling good about that garden work you did. Or we go on a drive with the windows down, speakers up.

See the water, see the town

A great thing to do this summer is to get to the water. Doesn’t that feel like a vacation? You could hire a boat or make a bonfire next to the lake. Jump in the water, sit on the sand and watch the waves. Don’t forget to bring your own beer.

Get back to what’s really important

Get back to your values. Maybe you have learned some things in the past months? Summer is the perfect time to do some evaluations. Grab a notebook is you’re an old soul like us, or just make a list on your phone.

-What worked for you these past months, what didn’t? What left you feeling drained or frustrated?

What made you feel alive and filled to the brim with energy?

Get back to the basics. Let unnecessary things that are time/energy consuming slip through your fingers. Relax a little and don’t forget to laugh at yourself sometimes.

Have a recharging, reconnecting summer.

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