Horse Power

It’s a hot summer evening around 8:00 PM. Here in this area it is quiet at the moment. Just a few dozen meters away from us stands a black silhouette. He stares at me against the bright sunlight.

We walk towards it…getting closer and closer. Wait a second. Hold my jacket. Now I am taking the first step in the shadow of this powerful roadrunner. Yes, I am ready to test some horse powers.

prismadaily taming wild horse sportief horloge mannen prisma aviator

When I grab the handle, it feels cold and robust. With full concentration I throw my leg over the saddle. Now there is no time for hesitation, as I have to focus on my own balance. The first impression is smooth and convincing enough to take the next step. This is the moment that matters. In the small mirror I see my Aviator watch shine.

sportief horloge mannen prisma aviator prismadaily taming wild horse

It is time to start the engine of this Suzuki Gsx750. Wow, now that’s the joy of two wheels and a straight pipe. What in the whole world can beat this? Man and machine quickly become one. We turn from left to right to warm up the tires slightly. The engine can hardly wait to go full throttle. Let’s catch a helmet to also be prepared for unforeseen dangers.

Prisma stoer horloge heren aviator watch motor riding

Pedal on the metal! This horse likes to be tempered. The light of the lamps contrasts with the darkness of the setting sun. Tomorrow it’s time for a new ride, a new adventure. Cheers!

prisma daily taming the wild horse sportief horloge mannen prisma aviator

Tarik is the motorcyclist. This adventure is captured by JanFillem. Till next time!