How to know what looks good on you.

Not trying to be controversial here, but: Does this actually look good on you? Yes, an item might look amazing, but does that mean it will look amazing when YOU wear it? No, not always!

Today on the blog, we will discuss the idea that clothing and style needs to work for you, and not the other way around.

You should never get the feeling that you have to squeeze yourself into certain pieces of clothing just because they look good or are trendy. No my friend, the purpose of clothing is that YOU look good in it. It was meant to serve you in terms of look, feel and comfort. Let’s get started!

What is this all about?

Well, it is so important that clothing fits you well, and that you look good in it. THIS IS NOT JUST ABOUT SIZE. It is also about:

  • The quality of your clothing and accessories
  • The specific length, width and shape of your clothes
  • The specific color of your clothing, and if it makes you glow
  • About pieces that actually compliment your features
  • Your own preferences and expectations

At Prisma, we love ‘looking great’

And not just average, or ‘okay’. See it as a challenge: How can I choose items for my wardrobe and accessory collection that look absolutely stunning on me. A few keys to this are:

1. Invest in quality rather than quantity.

Wearing quality items makes a difference in how your outfit looks. It is better to own fewer items you absolutely love, and can wear for years,than having many items that only last one season. We have to say that we are pretty fond of sustainability and timelessness!

2. Don’t buy items you are not sure about.

We have all been there. We bought something that we were not sure about, in the hope that we would make up our mind later on, or that there would ever come an occasion in which we would want to wear this item. Surprise: We never wore it.

A simple, but effective rule to follow whenever you go shopping is: ‘Don’t buy items you are not sure about. Just don’t. Again, only go for things you absolutely love!

3. Take time to learn

Yes, you heard that right. Take time to learn about what actually looks good on you, before you purchase something. Color theory can be an effective tool to determine which color type you are, and what colors make your skin glow. Figure out if your skin tone is warm or cool, because it determines if gold or silver accessories look best on you.

When you try something on, pause and think…

In line with not buying items you are not sure about, consider this: When you see something that looks good, and you try it on, answer the following question:

‘Even though I like this item, does it look good on me, or does it seem like something is missing?’

Just be honest. There are SO many items to choose from, and if you feel like something is not quite right about the specific item, don’t buy it. Just take a mental picture, think about what would make it even better, and go look for that.

This could look like the following:

  • You make look good in these jeans, but even better in high-waisted ones that are more width on your ankles.
  • You may like this red top, but the color is too harsh on your skin. One tint darker could make the difference.
  • You may normally look good in white, but you notice that this item is a bit more like ‘cream’.
  • You may like this watch, but it is just too big on your wrist.

You see?

The way to really take your outfits beyond average, is to look specifically at how things look on you.

Prisma Watch 😉

We hope that this post was helpful for you. We challenge you to answer this question over and over again. See what it does for your personal style, and your journey towards dressing better everyday. If you want to learn more about leveling up you style: Download our FREE BETTER EVERYDAY STYLE magazine! Made with love!

See you next time on the blog!

Stylish greetings,