3 Easy ways to dress better.

Ladies, we are so excited for today’s post! Today we are launching a project that is filled to the brim with love, inspiration and style tips for the everyday woman who wants to start dressing better!

Because let’s be real: we ALL have been there. We all know the feeling of uncertainty when it comes to picking out an outfit, feeling like you have nothing to wear or having no clue what looks good on you.

The truth is: It’s easier than you think!

There actually are practical principles that you can use in your journey towards better style. It will be learning proces, but you know what? We can do this together. Which is why we created an in-depth practical style guide for you.

Do you recognize yourself in the following?

  • You dream about looking put-together on a daily basis, without putting in hours of effort.
  • You theoretically have enough ‘clothes’, but no actual ‘outfits’ you feel great in.
  • You struggle with knowing what looks good on you.

Than this style guide is for you! You can DOWNLOAD IT HERE for free.

This guide will help you to:

  • Identify your current style ‘struggles’ 
  • Evaluate the message you communicate with your style choices. 
  • Get yourself out of a style ‘box’/’identity’
  • Start experimenting! 

To start your personal style journey today, we recommend downloading the entire style guide. However, as promised, today we will reveal some underlying principles to start dressing better. BE CAUTIOUS: These ways to start dressing better are pretty easy, but still require that you do the work. Actually take time to think through each of these steps, because you are the only one who can truly answer the questions that are asked.

1. Start paying attention

A lot of women say: ‘I just don’t like how I look today, it’s like something feels ”off”

Now, in order for you to start feeling your best about yourself, you should first identify WHAT makes you feel this way about your current outfits. And be specific. Only when you have identified what bothers you about your daily style, you can take action, and come up with solutions.

‘Style struggles’ so to say, can appear in very real and very different ways.
For example: Maybe you feel like your outfit doesn’t communicate what you would like to communicate about yourself, or maybe you have a hard time matching colors and different items in your wardrobe. Or maybe you do like your outfit, but would just like to have something ‘extra’ to make it look a bit more stylish.

Some questions to get you started:

  1. What am I communicating with my outfit? 
    I.e. I am professional, put-together, fun to be around, loving color, a classy lady, laid-back, authentic, not afraid what others think of me, vintage-inspired, sporty, basic is my go-to, convenient, etc. 
  2. Does this message correspond with what I believe about myself/what I would like to communicate to others? 
  3. Is this outfit appropriate for todays activities and settings, and still feels like me? 
    I.e. you could be wearing an outfit that fits every criteria for the setting you are in, but you feel like it doesn’t feel like you at all. 
  4. Do I like the color scheme of my outfit today? Do the colors match and do they make me glow? 
  5. Do I actually like the pattern I am wearing? 
  6. Am I content with this outfit, but am I disappointed that I could have put in a bit more effort to tie it together, or to make it more special? 
  7. Am I finding myself wearing this exact combination too many times, and would I like to switch things up? 
  8. Do I feel like this outfit is complete, or could I add in an extra item? 
    I.e. an extra accessory, a scarf, jacket or a different pair of shoes.  
  9. Do I feel like I like the concept of my outfit, but would I like the actual pieces to look a bit different? 
    I.e. you wear a pair of jeans, but you would much rather have them more high-waisted, or you would like to have the color a bit darker than it actually is. 

2. Don’t put yourself in a box.

‘No, I can’t wear something like this. This piece would suit her way better.’
We have all been there. 

Now that you have taken time to consider what specific problems you face when it comes to dressing better and creating your daily outfits, you can start to think about solutions. What is important here, is that you don’t put yourself in a box. If you feel like you have already done that: let yourself out! 

It is crucial for you to be open to different styles and colors, if you want to give your daily style a boost. How can you know if something will look good on you, when you don’t give it a try? Principle 3 will be all about experimenting! 

Also, a lot of women tend to think that they have to stick with a certain style, in order to be stylish, authentic or distinctive. Let us explain in bold: 

You can have more than one style, and still be stylish and authentic.   

Prisma Watch 😉

Don’t think that, just because you decided that you wanted to be a more elegant lady, you cannot wear clothes that don’t resonate with that. Again, this is trying to fit yourself in a box. But you were not made to do be in there in the first place.

3. Dare to start experimenting.

Now it is time to take action. Think about your most common wardrobe frustrations again, and see how you can start experimenting more in these areas. Dare to make mistakes!

Starting your journey towards dressing better could look like the following:  

  • For feeling bland: Look for ways to bring back the fun in your outfits:
    Play up your accessories, looking for statement necklaces, big bracelets and a stunning watch. 
  • Looking for cheap ways to become more stylish: Focus on the little things that make a big difference, i.e. wearing a bold lipstick or a pair of heels to go with your jeans. 
  • Needing inspiration: Create a Pinterest board and start recreating outfits.  
  • Need more guidelines to help you coordinate your outfits: Learn more about colour theory and colour coordination, and learn about ways to be more put together. 
  • Needing more creativity with your clothes: Choose a ‘theme’ for your week and try to stick to it. 

And this is just the beginning. 

Now we have talked about the basic underlying principles to start your style journey. But let’s dive in deeper. Let’s look for inspiration and practical ways to branch out. Get your free download here!

In the coming weeks, we will dive further into the topic of dressing better and a better daily style on the blog! More posts coming soon!

Lovely style greetings,