How to look put-together

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Today on the blog, we are going to discuss a topic that many women wonder about: ‘How can I look more put-together?’

Why it makes a difference

Now, looking ‘put-together’ makes all the difference in your daily life. Because no matter what style you personally love to wear, looking put-together makes it shine even more. It is the magic that happens when your clothes become a real outfit, everything just looks right, coordinated, effortless.

No. It is not about putting in 3 hours of effort. It is actually more about small routines and just a little stir of thoughtfulness.

1. It is all about your basics

And this time, we are talking about your skin, hair and nails. You can wear the most gorgeous dress, but if you never take care of your skin and your hair is frizzy and unclean, it will make no sense. Because trust us, people WILL notice your basics, and more importantly, it doesn’t make you feel great right? This frumpy feeling will showcase on your face and we want to look happy, energetic and healthy!

Looking put-together could like you wearing a simple white tee, but with radiating skin and smooth hair. Maybe do some research on the areas in which you could use some help. Try to be healthy, get outside and LAUGH. These could be the only beauty tip if you ask us.

2. Enhance your best features

Of course you don’t have to wear make up if you don’t like it! But many women love to wear a little bit of make up, just to enhance their features. You don’t have to cover yourself up, but some light make up could make a difference in the glow on your face. Maybe you love to make your eyes a little bit bigger to really draw attention to them. Or maybe you love applying some tinted moisturizer for a little extra tan.

3. Go for a signature style

Seriously, the art of ‘having a routine’ can be so relaxing sometimes. Keywords here are ‘signature style’, ‘routine’ and ‘consistency’ When you have discovered what looks good on you (see our previous blogs!) that we have discussed so far, you can sketch out your own signature style.

We don’t believe that women should have rigid styles, but it can help a lot when you want to look put-together 🙂

Now, go ahead and make it easy for yourself:

  • Take the time to arrange outfits that you feel your best in and have them ready to go for busy weekdays.
  • Be consistent with your beauty routines. (Schedule in times to do your nails, skin care, brows, whatever it might be for you.)
  • Master applying make-up and doing hairstyles that work for you in ten minutes or less.

Some other tips, just for fun and to get you inspired:

  • Wear lipgloss/lipstick
  • Always wear earrrings. Such an easy way.
  • Wear dark-colored jeans instead of light-washed jeans.
  • Match your accessories with your shoes.
  • Make sure your items are well-kept. Polished shoes and bags.
  • Get your brows done regularly.
  • Statement necklaces.

These little things can really help by leveling up your everyday outfit. What are you going to try?

For all of our tips and to kick-start your own style journey grab a cup of tea and download our extensive guide.

Smile bright today,


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