Our best tips for wearing accessories!

Accessories are a woman’s best friend. Wearing accessories gives you an extra stylish look and feel, and shows that you put more effort into your outfit.

And above all else, wearing accessories that resonate with your personality and preferences makes you happy! It is an easy way to accomplish an elevated look, and is also a cheap way of doing so. 

Last time, we kicked off our journey towards a better everyday style with three style principles. Today we are going to take action! We will discuss the topic of accessorizing to complete and style your best look.

The power to express your unique style

Accessories truly have the power to transform any outfit and at the same time, to express your unique personality.

Before we dive into the different categories of accessorizing, think about the following tips on how to accessorize the right way:

Tip 1: Think about proportion

What’s most important is that your look is BALANCED. This means that even with accessories, you should think about appropriate proportions. If you are petite, and want to appear a bit taller for example, you should not wear too many large pieces, same goes the opposite way.

Make sure that your accessories balance each other out. For example, if you are wearing large earrings, it might be a good idea to not go overboard with your other accessories. A good rule of thumb is to stick with 1-2 statement pieces.

Tip 2: Stick to a ”theme”

In order for your outfit to look harmonized instead of distracting, you could opt to stick to a certain ‘theme’. This could be as small as the theme: ”Blue” or as big as the theme: ”Marilyn Monroe inspired” or ”Surfer girl”. It doesn’t really matter what you choose, or what your interpretation of a look is, but you get the idea: We want our accessories to look balanced and to enhance each other. And thinking about a certain style or ‘look’ could give you some directions AND some more fun in the process of getting ready for the day.

Tip 3: Think about color

Style experts advice us to wear a maximum of 3-4 different colors in our outfits. Even though most accessories are a bit more subtle and therefore give you some more opportunities to experiment with color, this principle should still be taken into consideration. A few possibilities are:

  1. Using accessories with colors that can already be found in your outfit: Wearing a blue bracelet with a patterned skirt that has the same color of blue in it.
  2. Using accessories with a bold color, to play up a ‘basic’ outfit: think about a black dress with red earrings and red heels.
  3. Sticking to only ‘gold’ or ‘silver’. You can never go wrong with that! Take notice of your own skin tone to determine which of the two suits you best!

Now unto the different categories of accessories:

Ladies Watches

You know we couldn’t resist to start with a category that lies dear to our heart 😉

There are so many different types of stunning women’s watches: elegant and classy, fun and bold, sparkly, minimalistic, you name it.

We do have more blogs that are specifically on how to choose your perfect watch. But here are some questions to get started:

  • What comes to mind when you describe your perfect watch?
  • To what kind of occassions would you like to wear this watch?
  • What type of watch fits your current style in terms of colour, look and feel?

Ps. This is the Prisma Fertile in the color rosegold. You can check out all of our women’s watches here.


A trend we love is layered necklaces! A quick tip to layer your necklaces the right way is to go from a very short/short necklace to a long/very long necklace. The ‘heavier’ necklace, for example with a stunning chain on it, should be the longest necklace. The shorter necklace(s) should be more delicate.

Also, it depends on the neckline of your top which necklace would be suitable for your outfit. A sweetheart neckline for instance, would go really well with curved beads/pendants, and a V-neck neckline would ask for more V-shaped pendants.

Bracelets & Rings

Combining bracelets can look gorgeous. When selecting your stack of bracelets think about mixing and matching different kind of materials and colors. It is an easy way to pop some color into your outfit (hello, blue-as-the-sea themed bracelet collection) or to keep things classy with a pearly bracelet or all gold/all silver style.

Rings definitely beautify your hands. Again, you could mix and match and maybe experiment with some bolder pieces, or just keep things minimal. A timeless, high-quality ring will look stunning and can be worn for decades. (Quick tip: your nails are accessories too, make sure to keep them beautiful and groomed first and foremost!)


When it comes to bags, an ‘old but gold’ tip is to match your bag with your shoes, or the other way around. You can think about this in terms of color (make sure it is exactly the same color, or fits really well together, and not reddish orange and yellow orange together please) and in terms of material. Examples of this are: leather, suede, shiny/matte material, studs, etc.

Or combine your bag with accessories like your bracelets or earrings. For example: a black dress with red earrings and a small red clutch. Wonderful. Or a minimalistic bag with a gold/silver handle that matches perfectly with your gold/silver necklace.


Earrings are such an easy way to make it look like you put more effort into your look. It can be as simple as a pair of small buttons, or as fun and outgoing as some dream catchers, moon & stars or silver earrings. There are so many kind of earrings, and it can be an easy and cheap way of dressing up and having fun. Just experiment with some different styles and see what best suits you, and your features. Maybe larger earrings are too overpowering for you, and you should go for a more average size.

So, with that being said, the keys to accessories are:

  • Balance & the right proportion
  • Experimenting with different styles to see what suits you best
  • Matching accessories in terms of color/material
  • Thinking about the occasion
  • YOUR personal preferences.
  • At Prisma, we are passionate about all kinds of beautiful woman’s accessories. Especially watches of course. There are so many stunning ladies watches! From elegant and delicate to sporty and colorful. Shop your ladies watch here.

Are you still here after such a long post? Special love for you! 🙂 If you like more in-depth information about elevating your daily style, check out our downloadable style guide. It’s free!

Accessorizing greetings,