Joyce Jacobs Fotography: “The most beautiful things occur spontaneously and on the spot.”

A little small talk with photographer Joyce Jacobs

It’s always nice to meet talented people and start working together. We just had a nice conversation with photographer Joyce Jacobs about her great passion photography and her sens of style and fashion. Joyce discovered at an early age that she wanted to turn her hobby into her job. Real moments with pure love finds she the most beautiful to capture, so she is doing a lot of wedding shoots at the moment. A few questions for Jocye..

1. How did your passion for photography arise?
I still know that on my 16th I started shooting with my parents’ digital camera. I initially photographed nature and landscapes, but I soon found out that photographing people was more fun for me. I think creating an image and creative doing are fantastic. I can totally lose myself in photography.

2. Awesome! And where do you get the inspiration for taking pictures?
That is very different. I get inspiration from everything around me. Nice places or music for example. A personal idea sometimes comes from the work of other photographers, but often the most beautiful things are spontaneously and on the spot.

joyce jacobs fotografie horloge stijl

3. Is there a particular photo shoot on your bucketlist and why this seems so beautiful?
I would love to travel some more for my photography. For example, doing a shoot abroad for a company or a brand. That’s my number one dream. Photographing beautiful places outside The Netherlands. I think I can get even more out of my photography through that new environment and new places.

4. Hope it will become a reality soon! And then you take the Prisma Simplicity with you? How does this watch fit your style?
My style is minimalistic, pure and feminine. I really think the Prisma Simplicity is perfect. It’s a real eye catcher. You can not get around it, but it’s subtle too. I have already had a lot of compliments on this Prisma watch.

joyce jacobs fotografie stijl

5. What do you like or think is important about someone’s appearance?
I love it if someone is just confident and is feeling mentally good. Then you radiate that, which has a positive impact on the people around you. I also believe it’s very important to be always open for others’ ideas and give people the space to be themsleves. If someone has those qualities then I think it’s a very nice person to be near with. Those kinds of people often have a warm look and I think that is very beautiful.

6. What kind of style advice would you give to get a nice photo?
I suggest your outfit is enhances with beautiful jewelry or a beautiful Prisma watch. Personally, I am not in favor of “too much”. Too many prints in combination with many and big jewelry can easily be to overrated. I love to keep it natural with here and there a beautiful subtle detail. But, of course, that is very personal! 🙂


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