Legacy of Low Lands

The Netherlands is well-known for its flat landscape. Dikes are protecting the land from the sea. Half of the country will disappear when these walls break. That is why the country is called the low lands. Perhaps that makes the country so adventurous. That is why we escape the city to chase the sunlight in this extraordinary region.

dome classic watch klassiek vintage retro herenhorloge cornfield chase prisma voor mannen

We are getting in our classic Volvo car. Can you guess the type? Wherever you look, it’s always joy in this car. For example, the inside of the door is fantastical finished with leather and metal elements. Let’s turn down the windows to actually feel the sun and the wind while driving. “Big dreams, big smiles, big times” rumbles through the speakers.

dome classic watch klassiek vintage retro herenhorloge cornfield chase prisma voor mannen

Just getting in the car and being on the road makes you free of everything. With a smile on the face, it is mainly about enjoying the moment. Sometimes a good memory runs through my mind. When I look in the mirror, I see the dust blowing up. This dry summer does its job.

lowlands the netherlands janfillem volvo classic car

Further and further we drive into the backcountry. They sometimes say that the Netherlands is overpopulated, but there is nothing of that over here. The meadows change slowly in corn fields. The sun’s brilliance reinforces the golden yellow next to me. It feels like we are experiencing the cornfield chase scene of the movie Interstellar. Just increase the noise of the motor to let the tires slip a bit extra over the dry surface.

klassiek volvo car auto heren prisma dome

Time passes by. It is a choice how you deal with it. For me, it is time to go back home with new impressions and ideas now. Let’s explore the evening in the city where we come from. It is all part of the legacy of the low lands.

Cornfield chase prisma dome classic watch
janfillem volvo classic car lowlands the netherlands

Today we are wearing the Prisma Dome Mark in black. This adventure is powered by JanFillem and Tarik. Till next time!