Enjoying life with Lonneke

Enjoying life with Lonneke

21 year old Lonneke loves to capture stories. She takes lovely pictures while traveling, and likes to share her favourite drinks, items and outfits. Enjoying life happens when you take the time for it.

For this collaboration, Lonneke choose a pretty squared watch from the Prisma Carre collection. She was looking for a minimalistic watch, which made the Carre one of her first choices. A stylish watch which she nicely combines with other gold jewels.

A squared watch makes a good impression on all occasions. Whether you are having a meeting, or are just enjoying a day in the city. Lonneke and her boyfriend were exploring the beautiful old city of Leiden.

Her boyfriend Dennis is wearing a white multifunction. A watch is a man’s statement. The way Dennis has styled his outfit is impressive. The colors and structures are nicely coordinated and make him look groomed and put-together. A nice striped shirt, combines really well with a pair of dark jeans. What stands out is the perfect match of his watch and his sunglasses.

As days are getting longer, take the time to enjoy some time outside with the people you love. Explore new places and don’t forget to enjoy a drink on a terrace. Notice the little things in life and be grateful, it makes life’s more enjoyable.

Do Lonneke’s pictures make you happy as well? On her Instagram feed, Lonneke shares all of her adventures and hotspots @Lifeolonneke. Or take a look at her photography blog www.Lonnekenoordeloos.nl

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