Meet The Dutchmen

In a world where everyone works hard to fit in, the only way to stand out is to be truly yourself. We serve the unique lady and gentlemen who strives for quality in all aspects of life. People who live by a relentless code of conduct. Be honest, creative and reliable. Those are the principles of Dutchmen.

The Dutchmen are the 4th generation of Prisma Watches. Our mission is to create quality watches as a signature of your lifestyle. It’s your expression of character. A piece of creativity and craftsmanship which shows the world a little bit more about you. A watch is therefore one of the most determining accessory you can enjoy.

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Watch wearers were the first captains, architects and the first generals. These leaders were the only ones who knew exactly when the right moment was there. In every way, they used their time to change the world a little bit for the better. Nowadays, we strive to live by this exact same vision. We take inspiration from what was before and try to be the best we can to give people a way to express themselves.

Wearing a watch goes beyond reading the time. A watch connects to the beautiful moments you had and reminds you to hold on to your dreams. This is the indescribable joy a Prisma watch brings the wearer. Bceause finally, watches are given a soul by the person that takes care of them.

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Prisma is more than 70 years old. A special milestone. Thousands of people, from different generations, have spent a part of their lives on this amazing watch brand. Millions of fellow world citizens are familiar with the craftsmanship. Prisma is therefore a collective, an icon and inextricably linked to growth in The Netherlands. What started as a dream of some watch lovers has become something of all of us. It is a brand where you can be proud of every day.

The future is full of new opportunities and challenges. Prisma remains accessible and will also produce watches of € 1,500.- in the long run. Watches not only designed in The Netherlands, but also produced. With this range of expansion, the Dutchmen are entering a new phase. The possibilities of 3D printing and smartwatches are also under investigation.

Above everything, we are friends. And we are rather a family than a community. It’s a friendship that means more than coming to work and going home. The experience of working for Prisma has taught us a lot about life and also about the trust in each other. You got to be professional, but you cannot skip the part where you are also human. Therefore, being a watchmaker is a never fulfilling, but also a marvellous profession.

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