Discover the watches for men from Prisma. It’s all about Dutch design and craftsmanship. We strive to the best quality every day since 1948. Watches which withstand the elements of nature. This is our passion, which is deeply rooted in Dutch culture. Simply, honest and reliable. We strive to make men happy with the same watch for a long time. Therefore, they are made of the highest quality materials such as stainless steel and titanium. A selection of these is also equipped with (scratchproof) sapphire glass. To make sure you will receive a good watch, all watches come with a two-year warranty from date of purchase.

A Prisma watch for men is very stylish. Every little detail in the design gets attention. Many people find them beautiful, because of their versatile designs. Furthermore is also considered how the watch feels, as we understand that you need to find enjoyment in wearing your watch. Unlike other items that people traditionally buy to express themselves, a watch is on constant display. That is the reason why we make extra effort to create a beautiful watch. As divers as the Dutch population, so varied is the assortment. The choice of quality, is what they all have in common. Experience our sophisticated watches for men yourself.

welk horloge bij een pak inspiratie herenhorloge herenhorloges horloge voor mannen
hoe horloge dragen Prisma Aviator Edition herenhorloge herenhorloges horloges voor mannen
Good-Looking watches, herenhorloges herenhorloge horloge voor mannen


Prisma offers different collections for men. From reliable work watches to design watches. Here below you will find a summary of the men’s collections which Prisma is implementing. As you can see, some collections are for men and women. In that case it’s about a unisex model or there is a bigger variant for men and a smaller version for ladies. All made to be an expression of your character. It does not matter what you do in everyday life. Prisma has the right watch for you. Never a trend, always in style.