Watch With Mother of Pearl Dial

A watch with a mother-of-pearl dial has a chic look. Especially in combination with golden details it is a beautiful appearance. Complement your outfit with a beautiful mother of pearl ladies watch. See them all below!

Mother-of-pearl watch

You can keep looking at it, the shine and color shades of mother of pearl are enchanting. But where does mother of pearl actually come from? Mother of pearl is part of the shell of molluscs. Many mother of pearl dials are made of the pinctada maxima, or pearl oyster. The material is processed in, among other things, watches. A dial with mother of pearl gives a luxurious look, such as one with diamonds. You just want to keep looking at it. As soon as you turn your arm, the color changes.


A mother-of-pearl watch is colorful

Mother of pearl is iridescent. This means that the surface (which is gray / silvery in color) breaks the light in such a way that you see all the colors of the rainbow in it. A very nice effect. Furthermore, you can match it with a colorful bracelet.


Lacquer or real?

Prisma really uses mother of pearl in the dial of ladies watches. Watch with a pearly look have been given a layer of lacquer that should give a similar effect. But the difference is clearly visible. The look of a real mother of pearl watch is unsurpassed.


Why a mother-of-pearl dial?

The material and pattern on the dial of a timepiece makes a ladies watch distinctive. This is the first thing you see. It determines for a large part whether or not the watch fits you. Mother of pearl is for the woman of today who knows what she wants.

Since 1948, Prisma has been producing a wide range of ladies watches at an attractive price. Similarly, mother of pearl watches are attractively priced. We believe that a beautiful and good watch does not need to be unnecessarily expensive. Take for example the Prisma Simplicity, a beautiful model with mother of pearl. The Prisma Precise Pearl is also a musthave for the real watch addict. Choose Prisma and choose quality.