New Sturdy Watch Strap Collection Bison

Bison is a new collection watch straps from Claudio Calli. This watchband is 22 mm wide and available in three colours.

horlogeband 22mm collectie bison claudio calli

Bison Collection

Claudio Calli introduces a new watch strap collection; “Bison”. Watchband Bison is 22 mm wide and available in three colors. Red, brown and black. Read more below about the use of materials, design and price.

horlogeband 22mm rood bison claudio calli red watch strap

The strap has a nice vintage look. The coarse stitching gives more contrast and interrupts the rest of the slick strap. Along with the large polished buckle, the stitching creates a tough appearance. Although the band is quite thick (4.10 mm), the band is smoothly.

horlogeband 22mm stoer bison claudio calli watch strap

Watch strap Bison perfectly suits the demand for larger sizes. 22 mm particularly is a common size nowadays. This strap is great to combine both a classic watch case or sportive one. A beautiful watch band, which lining is also made of leather. You can have look at all leather strap watches.

horlogeband 22mm stoer zwart bison claudio calli watch strap
horlogeband 22mm bruin bison claudio calli brown watch strap

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