Titanium ladies designs

Prisma has eight new titanium ladies watches in the assortment. All with sapphire glass and 5 ATM waterproof.

Titanium ladies designs that fits your need!

titanium-dameshorloges prisma-horloges-nederlands-horlogemerk-1948

Titanium watches are well-known for their wearing comfort and durability. The unique qualities of the material are stronger and lighter weight than all stainless steel. Furthermore, titanium designs are suitable for people who get an allergic reaction of other metal. Also, the corrosion resistance of titanium contributes to a longer life of the watch. Below the latest Prisma titanium women watches.

Prisma Purify Oval Titanium

The first three watches are the new Oval models of the Prisma Purify collection. Absolutely stunning titanium ladies designs with a classy appearance. The model looks a bit like the stainless steel model, but there are some differences to note. First of all this titanium ladies design has a pattern on the dial and the 12, 3, 6 and 9 of the index is displayed with diamonds. The model is available in silver and bicolor with gold and rose gold. Furthermore, the case size is still 22 mm. Also this 11 mm strap has a three fold clasp with Prisma logo. To ensure the durability, the watch is also equipped with sapphire glass and is 5 ATM waterproof. Consumer price is: € 129,-.

titanium dameshorloges prisma purify oval horloges nederlands horlogemerk titanium ladies watches
titanium dameshorloges prisma purify oval horloges nederlands horlogemerk

Prisma Purify Roman Titanium

Also the Purify Roman collection is expanded with three designs. Very nice design and less obtrusive than the all stainless steel model. This titanium watch is equipped with sapphire glass as well and is 5 ATM waterproof. Despite these good specifications, the watch is even cheaper than the stainless steel edition. Consumer price: € 119,-.

titanium dameshorloges prisma purify roman horloges nederlands horlogemerk
titanium dameshorloges prisma purify roman horloges nederlands horlogemerk
prisma titanium dameshorloges purify roman horloges nederlands horlogemerk

Prisma Simplicity Titanium

This model got the most spectacular design in our opinion. The strap fits seamlessly into the case. The mother of pearl will be the first thing you notice. This creates along with the diamond index a feeling of luxury. This titanium ladies watch (size 28 mm) feels very light in the hand. Also these two timepieces are equipped with scratchproof sapphire glass and are 5 ATM waterproof. Consumer price: € 109,-.

Prisma titanium ladies watch simplicity titanium goed horloge kwaliteit
Prisma titanium dameshorloges parelmoer

To make sure you will get a quality watch, all Prisma watches purchased come with a two-year warranty from the original date of purchase. Made to last. Discover here all titanium watches.

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