Hoe werkt het chronograaf horloge?

Chronograph watches are an impressing accessory. Made to make an impact and display time in an accurate way. You will read everything about this mighty timepiece and it’s relatives (multifunction watches) here. Click here to go faster to the information you need about: The Tachymeter, Difference with Chronometer, Chronograph Watches explanation, Our chronographs or multifunctions.  

Chronographs from Prisma

This latest chronograph watch collection Master is designed the aspirational man in mind. A bold watch which gives your sportive looks a boost. Take a closer look at this stunning men’s watch with milanese watch strap.

  • Prisma P.1325 Master Zwart Horloge

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  • Prisma P.1326 Master Blauw Horloge

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  • Prisma P.1327 Master Roségoud Horloge

    239.00 In mijn winkelmand
prisma 1325 master black zwart chronograaf chronograph men watch herenhorloge zwart P1326

One of our latest chronograph watches is the Navigator. A stylish watch that testifies craftsmanship, innovation and a daring design. The size of the case is 46 mm and is available in three speaking colours. Reliability is enhanced by the use of sapphire glass and the highly durable stainless steel strap.

  • Prisma 1880 Navigator Zwart

    249.00 In mijn winkelmand
  • Prisma 1881 Navigator Groen Horloge

    249.00 In mijn winkelmand
  • Prisma 1882 Navigator Blauw

    249.00 In mijn winkelmand

Traveller Titanium & Classic
You gotta love the classics! This chronograph watch is a model with a clean and stylish look for the modern gentlemen. The watch fits well with a neat outfit, but it’s also perfect to combine with a comfortable T-shirt. Enhance your appearance with this brilliant model and enjoy the details every time you read the time.

Dome Chrono
This timepiece is designed to impress. Make a legendary statement with the Dome Chrono. An excellent chronograph watch with classic details. From the distinctive crown to the patterned dial; its design evokes a class and style. Made for the modern gentlemen.

chronographs chronograven chronograaf prisma dome

Aviator Chrono
Make a bold and convincing impression with this awesome chronograph watch. If you look closer you’ll enjoy some great details like the explicit index and coloured second hand. But there is more to discover. This design is the ultimate combination of intrepid and modesty. Enrich your fearless lifestyle with this modern timepiece.

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Prisma Multifunction Watch Family

It’s understandable that some people call a multifunction watch a chronograph. There are some similarities between the two and they can have the same style. Because of this, a multifunction watch is often called a ‘chrono’. Just like the chronograph, a multifunction watch has some extra dials, which give the watch an impressive look. The difference between the two types is the function of their indicators, as a multifunction does not have a timer. Instead, it often shows the day of the week, the date and the hour of the day. Sometimes, a multifunction watch has only one or two indicators. Check out the whole Prisma multifunction watch family below.


    159.00 In mijn winkelmand

    159.00 In mijn winkelmand

    159.00 In mijn winkelmand
  • Prisma P.1579 Refined Zwart Horloge

    149.00 In mijn winkelmand
  • Prisma P.1581 Refined Beige Horloge

    149.00 In mijn winkelmand
  • Prisma P.1589 Refined Blauw Horloge

    159.00 In mijn winkelmand
  • Prisma P.1600 Voyage Zilver Horloge

    179.00 In mijn winkelmand
  • Prisma P.1601 Voyage Blauw Horloge

    179.00 In mijn winkelmand
  • Prisma P.1602 Voyage Goud Horloge

    189.00 In mijn winkelmand
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    159.00 In mijn winkelmand

    159.00 In mijn winkelmand

    159.00 In mijn winkelmand
  • Prisma Traveller Vigorous Blauw

    169.00 In mijn winkelmand
  • Prisma Traveller Vigorous Goud

    169.00 In mijn winkelmand

Chronograph Watches Explanation

A chronograph is a watch with advanced options. It has 3 separated dials besides the date. This functions as a stopwatch. Most chronographs registers time up to 30 or 60 minutes, but there are versions that can measure time up to 24 hours. With the pushers on the side of the watch, you can easily start, pause and reset the timer. As soon as the timer is activated, it starts counting the seconds. After every minute, the hand that shows the passed minutes will move. This system works individually and does not affect the normal time display. In addition to this practical function, these small dials give the watch a strong and bold appearance.

Difference with a Chronometer

The chronograph watch is often confused with the term chronometer. However, a chronometer is an indication of a watch that meets precise and specific standards and is COSC-certified. It is a standard for a watch which is able to measure time really precise. So it is possible that chronograph watches are chronometers, but it doesn’t have to be the other way around.

The Tachymeter

A lot of chronographs come with a tachymeter. A tachymeter is a fixed bezel you can use to calculate the speed of a moving object or vehicle. If you know that the distance between point A and point B is excactly a kilometer or a mile, you can compute the speed by activating the timer. It may not be something you need in your daily life, but it is a nice and interesting tool. How does a Tachymeter work? Activate the timer when the vehicle starts. When point B is reached, stop the timer, and look at the second hand. It points to the tachymeter and shows the speed of the moving object. The Chronograph watches like the Explorer Navigator below have this feature.

Which chronograph or multifunction watch do you like the most? You can let us know below! If you like, you can read more about our about this Dutch watch brand or learn more about watches in the blog.

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