Who doesn’t like pizza? At Prisma Watches we love it. Unfortunately, usually at the oddest times. Often there is no nearby pizza or it is difficult to order a pizza. This need motivated the Prisma Development Team to started workingon a new project last year. And with success! After several developments, finally the solution is in the picture; Prisma Pizza watch. A normal looking watch with the ingenious feature that you can order pizza with only 3 pushbuttons. No matter where you are. With the introduction of the first model, it is possible to order the three most common types of pizza; Margherita, Pepperoni and Hawaii.

prisma pizza horloge pizza watch
prisma pizza horloge pizza watch schuin en achterkant
soorten prisma pizza horloge pizza watch


The system is designed very simply. First, the watch is connected and actived to the pizzeria data system. Only if you wish to pay by invoice, you can create an account. Then press the orange button on the side of the watch for 5 seconds. The orange second hand will jump to the first pizza option. With the silver button, you can then change your pizza preference. Did you make a choice? Hold the orange button again for 5 seconds. The orange hand will rotate twice as confirmation of your order. The watch will send a signal through a GPS connection to the nearest pizza delivery where you are.


The watch will be presented to retailers Mid-April to be available for customers. If the pizza watch is a success this year, Dutch watch brand Prisma will expand its range with more variants on 1 – 4-2018. The pizza option will cost € 52,- and will be an option for the Prisma Aviator Chrono.