Preparing your watch for summer

Summer is approaching!

But what does this mean for your watch?

The weather is slowly turning warmer and warmer! It’s time for drinks and cocktails, the beach and so many more summer related things! You get your shirts and shorts out of the closet, you might even buy a few new ones! You think of absolutely everything, but do you also think about your watch? Sometimes you can wear your watch the entire year, but sometimes you can’t. How do you summer proof your watch?

Yes! Your watch also requires attention in changing from spring to summer. This really applies when your watch has a leather strap. If you keep on wearing it the entire summer, you can sometimes replace it when summer is over. This is because leather is a porous material and is not water resistant. This also means it can’t handle sweat very well. A metal strap is fine during the summer, but changing your strap is still advisable. We made a video explaining how to change your leather watch strap.

Milanese bracelet

A Milanese bracelet is a very popular strap, especially during summer. This is because your wrist can breath very well through all the tiny links of the bracelet. Besides that, it also wears very comfortable and light. Nowadays there are many different Milanese bracelets and the color variation has also increased. So if you have a gold, rose gold or black watch, you can also wear a Milanese bracelet. Our new Master collection got a milanese watch strap.

prisma watch herenhorloge rosegoud P1325

Rubber Strap

When you go into the water regularly, a rubber watch strap is the perfect fit for you. However, make sure it fits your watch. Rubber straps go really well with diving watches. A rubber strap on a dress watch or a chronograph doesn’t really suit the style of the watch. This means a rubber strap is almost exclusively fitted on diving watches.

Perlon Strap

A perlon strap is a great allrounder when it comes to summer straps. It offers the safety of a NATO strap. Meaning that when one of your spring bars fail, your watch will still be strapped to your wrist. The watch won’t drop to the ground. It also offers the ventilation of a Milanese bracelet, especially when you get a perlon strap with a rather open stitch. Besides these two reasons you also get the perfect fit. This is because you can wear your perlon as tight or as loose as you like.