Determine Best Necklace Quality With Tips From This Goldsmith

When it comes to selecting a quality necklace, there are several factors to consider. First, look at the metal used in the piece. Is it solid gold or gold-plated? Solid gold will typically be more valuable and durable. Next, examine the craftsmanship of the piece. Are the links and connections secure? Is the design intricate […]

What Is The Best Cufflinks Size And How To Wear Them

Cufflinks are a stylish and functional accessory for men’s dress shirts. They add a touch of sophistication and elegance to an outfit, but finding the right cufflinks size can be tricky. Cufflinks are a small but important detail in men’s fashion, adding the perfect finishing touch to a polished, put-together look. With a bit of […]

Best Pendant Size for Your Necklace or Bracelet

Choosing the right pendant size for your necklace, bracelet or earring can greatly enhance the appearance of your jewelry.  The general rule of thumb is to select a pendant that is proportional to the size of your body or clothing. For example, a larger pendant may look overwhelming on a petite person. On the other […]

Determine Good Quality Jewelry By Looking At These 8 details

It’s not always as simple as it seems to buy quality jewelry. It can be unplanned, well-researched, or done to mark a significant event. An anniversary or birthday can become much more memorable with the proper piece of jewelry. Of course, during the holidays, jewelry sales really take off! We could all use some direction […]

How to Clean Jewelry after Summer To make them Sparkle Again

The summer season is a time of relaxation, fun and adventure. It is also a time when you can take extra care of your jewelry. Especially if jewelry is expensive, it is worth taking good care of. There is also often a higher humidity in the summer months and you do other activities. That’s why […]

Bracelet Bangle Size – Find The Best Fit

A bangle size is an important factor to consider when purchasing this bracelet. It is not just the length of the bangle that matter, but also the width. Furthermore, the size of your wrist and hand are also important factors to consider. Because this bracelet does not always have a closure.         [...]

The Complete Guide to Stud Earring Sizes – From Tiny to Huge

Stud earrings come in many different sizes: from very small to big. For example, diamonds are smaller than pearls. Therefore, in this article we compare all dimensions. Stud earrings are the most common type of earrings. They are also called “post earrings” or “studs.” They are small and simple, and they come in a variety […]

The Toe Ring Sizes Chart In comparison to Your Foot and Shoe

The toe ring size does not differ much from the general ring size chart. Nevertheless, there are some additional tips for choosing your best option. Measuring the circumference of your toe is of course the best way to get the right size. However, measure your toe in two places: The place where the ring is […]

Belly Chain Size Chart and How to Choose the Right Style for You

In this article you will discover different your belly chain size and style options. A belly chain is a type of jewelry that is worn around the waist. It’s usually made of metal, plastic or leather and it can be used as an accessory to a variety of outfits. Belly chains are often worn by […]

Change Leather Watch Strap At Home Easily With Kitchen Knife -Without Tools

I see many videos on how to remove a leather watch strap and change it for another band. However, in most cases people use a springbar tool for this. What if you have no tools at all? Follow these simple steps to change the watch strap with a common tool like a kitchen knife. Remove […]

Leather Watch Strap Size Chart – Length and Width in MM and Inches

Lovely, it is here! A complete article about the sizes of a leather watch band. Think of the thickness, width and length of the leather strap. The perfect size ultimately also depends on the size of your wrist and watch case. Leather watch band size table In this post we will look at: The width […]

Hoop Earring Size Chart With Helpful Images Comparison

It is sometimes difficult to visualize how big a loop earring is. Therefore, the hoop earring size chart is a visual representation of the different sizes of hoops. It is also a converter between millimeters and inches to give you a complete overview. So discover the comparison below to measure the perfect loop. Size chart […]