Sportive or Classy? Why not choose both!

Sportive or classy? Prisma Traveller styled in two completely different ways. Jordan Welton from London is always on the go. Every day is different, and so is his style. Whether he wears something casual and carefree or something more put-together, the Traveller keeps making it’s statement.

Jordan and the Traveller have something in common: their passion to explore the world and be open-minded.

classy watch look style klassiek horloge stijl

Greece or Nevada, the man and his watch love to go out and see new places. While travelling, Jordan creates spectacular content, and shows his travel and personal style on his Instagram @JordanWelton.

The Traveller is a great watch for the sportive man with a broad view. Versatile, but with it’s own unique character, which you can tell from the clear dial, metal details and of course the sportive color use. Is a grey watch hard to combine? These two styles tell the opposite.

Traveller watch style sportive or classy

Jordans style is always coordinated. The Traveller blends in really well with whatever he wears. This sturdy timepiece combines the best from both a classy watch and a sportive chronograph watch. It has a no-nonsense mentality that looks for the best opportunities.

sportive watch look style sportief horloge stijl

This first style is a laidback cool style. A black jacket with sturdy rings with metal details. It all combines really well with the green color of the Traveller. And can you see how it’s orange elements are really emphasized in this outfit?

classy watch style klassiek horloge stijl
classy watch style klassiek horloge stijl

The second style is a charming and put-together style that looks more formal. Jordan wears a white shirt with blue buttons and a high-quality jacket suit. The grey of the Traveller becomes a bit more soft in this outfit, and complements it really well.

Prisma Traveller: Putting things in the right perspective. Always ready for new chances and opportunities, and always ready to go on an adventure. A watch is a man’s statement. Therefore always choose a watch according to your personal style and vision.