How to change your leather watch strap in 30 seconds

Change a leather watch strap yourself

A leather watch band needs replacement within a few years. Discover how you can do it yourself in 30 seconds with below video.

The leather watch strap is connected with pushpins to the watch case.  Therefore it is necessary to remove these pushpins to replace the watch strap. In below video we show how to change your leather watch straps with a watch tool. You can use a small kitchen knife, but make sure not to damage yourself or the watch case when replacing the watch band. Therefore, we recommend in the first place to change a leather watch strap with a professional tool, but you can always use common tools at home.

Important information for changing your leather watch strap:
  1. Some watch case lugs have small holes on the side, so you can press the pushpin out of it from the side.
  2. Use a soft underground

How to replace your leather watch band.

  1. Put the watch upside down.
  2. Press a sharp object like a knife or professional tool between the leather watch strap and the watch case.
  3. Slide the pushin to the side out of the hole.
  4. The leather watch strap will come off the watch case.


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