Rogier Varenhorst: “Great to meet the challenge and to be totally free to shape a product.”

Interview with graphic designer Rogier Varenhorst

Today we had a nice encounter with Rogier Varenhorst from Separated Designs. This talented graphic designer has made some stunning 3D drawings of his Prisma Aviator Edition. Check out the pictures and read more about his work and passion for design.

1. Really great design Rogier, can you explain the process of making such a visual of a watch and how much time did it take for you?

Usually my process begins in illustrator to capture certain guidelines. This give me a clear idea of ​​what needs to be done. If that’s fixed, I’ll jump into my 3D software. This allows me to start creating a 3D model. When the 3D model is finished, I can switch to “texturing” which gives color, reflection, texture and any imperfections to the model. This allows me to create a studio environment. This is the lighting part that will provide light, shadow and reflections. Then the camera settings can be adjusted and I can rename the scene. Lastly, I import this render into photoshop and I do some post production like color correction and possibly some effects when needed.

2. Wow, a lot of work goes into that! And where do you get the inspiration for taking pictures?

Yes indeed! I love to meet the challenge and be totally free to shape a product. There is nothing beyond the feeling you get if you have a concept in your mind and can visualize this.

prisma aviator edition Rogier Varenhorst Separated Designs
Rogier Varenhorst Separated Designs prisma aviator edition

3.      Where does that passion for design come from and how did you start with it?

I think that my passion for design mainly results from wanting to understand how products are intertwined. When I was a little child, I already disassembled and opened everything to see how it was made. I have always loved to make things and put stuff together. When I discovered 3D design, of course a whole new world opened to me.

As for how I started designing, that has been pure coincidence. A couple of years ago I was talking to a friend while he was working with his laptop to edit some pictures. I found that to be quite interesting. A few days later I remembered that and began to retrieve information about what program I needed, etc. Then immediately downloaded a trial version and started making horrific pictures, of which I myself was of course very proud of! A few updates later I saw that Photoshop had 3D capabilities and immediately began to figure out how that all worked. From that moment on, I do my best every day to get better and time has gone very fast.

4. What is most beautiful thing you’re eager to design and why?

The most beautiful is a little tricky because of course you aim for a more beautiful and better design for each project. But to me it seems very awesome to say of a few watches that I helped shaping them. Purely because I also have a passion for watches since my teens. Furthermore, it would be very cool to work with CGI pieces for a movie.

I actually get inspiration from the most random things. Like drinking a cup of coffee on my balcony or sitting in the train, seeing everything go by. In fact, you can always get inspiration as long as you look, feel or hear well enough.


Find Rogier Varenhorst on Instagram en feel free to ask him your questions below!

Rogier Varenhorst Separated Designs prisma aviator edition

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