Rosegold Watches

Looking for a rose gold watch? For ladies and gentlemen who just want something different! Rose gold watches are available with both classic and sporty design. So whether you opt for a minimalist style or striking, complete your outfit with a gorgeous rosegold watch.

Rose gold watches

In addition to silver and gold watches, you can also opt for the warm glow of rose gold. A color that came into fashion and will always remain. Where does this color actually come from?


The beginning of rose gold

The trend began in the 19th century when the famous jeweler Carl Fabergé made an alloy of gold and copper. He used this color in the exclusive Fabergé eggs. These are jewels in the form of Easter eggs that Peter Carl Fabergé and his team made on behalf of the Russian tsars. They served as an Easter gift and often contain a surprise that emerges with the aid of a certain mechanism. For their manufacture, the most exclusive gems and materials were used, including rose gold.


Rose gold alternative to silver and gold

Nowadays we find rosegold everywhere, even in watches. And that is not surprising, because it is a fresh and soft alternative to gold and silver. It is also a beautiful color to combine with both white and black. But it also matches well with both silver and gold. Rose gold is also a color that suits every occasion. It gives every occasion, both chic and casual, a trendy look.


The power of a Rosegold watch

The fact that rose gold is a retention is something we do not only notice on the phones that are increasingly also being offered in rose gold, but also on the watches. For example, at Prisma we often provide a rosegold version of the watches. Take, for example, the Prisma Retro Corum. An exciting combination of a dark blue dial framed by the warm rosegold. The rose gold milanese band makes the watch into a beautiful whole.


Rose gold watches for men

The fact that rose gold is certainly not only for ladies shows Prisma well with the Dome Mark. The retro feel of this watch is enhanced by the subtle rose gold watch case and the matching brown watch band. Rose gold is for everyone and a welcome addition to gold and silver. Discover all men’s watches or all women watches.