Sapphire Glass Ladies Watches

Discover the beautiful ladies watches with sapphire glass. A ladies watch is not only a beautiful jewel, but also has to be of high quality. How else can you really enjoy such a personal accessory? That is why you can find your ladies watch with sapphire glass here.

Sapphire Glass Ladies Watches

Your favorite ladies watch is one you prefer to wear all day. Not only at work, at a party or during a relaxed holiday. And then of course you do not want to be afraid of scratching. You can enjoy carefree with a watch with scratch-resistant glass. Why go for less? Whether you go for a Mimimalist or titanium ladies watch. Prisma has a super assortment of ladies watches. Choose a leather strap or a steel band. Of course, watches with leather strap are provided with genuine leather of the highest quality. The steel bands are made of durable stainless steel. So you know for sure that the watch is comfortable and also lasts a long time.


Very scratch resistant

Of course we advise with every watch to handle it as carefully as possible. Then you have the longest enjoyment of your watch. Nevertheless, almost all watches are made with mineral glass. A bump against the watch or a scratchy bracelet can quickly cause a nasty scratch. A damage that will be increasingly irritating. That is why at Prisma we choose to have as many watches as possible with the much stronger sapphire glass.


Affordable sapphire crystal ladies watches

Besides the fact that this glass is very scratch resistant, it is also the clearest glass that exists. It is so scratch-resistant that it scores a 9 on the Mohs scale. This means that only diamond is harder. And the price? Nevertheless, you do not have to be scared of the amount in your shopping basket. Prisma goes for the very best at a reasonable price. And rightly so. Everyone should be able to enjoy an accessory for a long period of time. You too? Live and enjoy every moment!