Silver Men’s Watches

A silver men’s watch is suitable for every day! View below all silver watches for men, both classic and sporty. In addition, you value an accessory much more if it suits different outfits. That’s why a beautiful silver men’s watch is the right choice!

Silver men’s watches

The most favorite accessory for men is the silver men’s watch. Silver color is the color that is also by far the most produced by watch brands. It fits always and everywhere and it is a modest color. Which does not mean that the men’s watch itself has to be modest!


Silver men’s watch: Sporty or Classic?

Of course, Prisma offers a wide range of silver men’s watches. For example, our robust chronograph and multifunction watches. Watches that you really want to be seen with! Choose the popular Navigator with a contrasting black, blue or green dial or go for the Refined in white, beige or blue. Men’s watches to steal the show.

For the classic style enthusiast, we also have an extensive selection. Watches with a leather strap from Claudio Calli or matching steel band. Classic models are timeless and can be worn daily. To work, or in your spare time, a classic watch will always boost your appearance.


Choice of Material

If you opt for a silver men’s watch, you choose a stainless steel or titanium men’s watch at Prisma. But what are the differences between these materials? Titanium is an element, stainless steel is an alloy of carbon. When used in accessories, stainless steel could cause an allergic reaction in rare cases. There will then be a reaction to one of the alloying metals that are present. These reactions are virtually excluded with titanium.

Another difference is that titanium is thicker than stainless steel. On the other hand, it is a lighter material. Some people love the weight of a heavy watch on the wrist and choose stainless steel. Others prefer a lighter titanium clock.