Silver Watches

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Most watches are silver-colored instead of a gold watch. Many people prefer a silver watch. It naturally fits well with silver, steel and titanium jewelry. But even with bicolor jewelry, a silver watch is great!

Many silver watches are not of real silver but of steel. Why actually? Silver is easier to work because it is softer than steel. And in principle the material is stable in clean air and pure water. But worn on your skin it can get a black layer (silver sulphide). It is also quite scratch-sensitive material. That is why the Prisma watches are made of stainless steel or titanium.

Stainless steel, however, is hard and durable. It is silvery in color and without stains, corrosion or rust like many other steels. Stainless steel watches can take a beating and discoloration. Perfect if you are looking for a watch with the look of silver! Men’s watches with a blue dial have also been popular lately. Discover all men’s watches or women watches, but especially blue dials are popular nowadays.