Square Watches

Square watches are completely hot! A tasteful accessory that is a striking appearance around the wrist. Even with your favorite jewelry, a square watch is a nice addition. Prisma mainly has a square watch for women. See them all below. This is a selection of all women watches.

Square Watches

Why go for a round watch, if everyone else is also having one? Choose something different and go for a square model! Supertrendy and original. Prisma has an interesting collection consisting of items with square and rectangular watch cases.


One square watch is not the other

So many people, so many flavors. The Prisma Carré, for example, is an elegant model with a matching milanese band with sophisticated links. The watch has a chic and beautiful design, perfect to wear at a dinner with candlelit. The Prisma Envie is a tougher model. The mother of pearl dial is round but the bezel gives the case a more square look. This watch with Swiss movement has a much more striking design. A model in a different color also gets a completely different look. Specify your search for example with silver, gold, rose gold, bicolor or blue and black.


Comfortable design

For lovers there are also square watches with leather strap. Genuine leather feels very comfortable on the skin for optimal wearing comfort. At Prisma only the best leather material is used. We think that is more than logical. The straps fit seamlessly and completes the watch.


Square watch with leather strap

Who goes for a square watch, goes for something unique. Something we see more and more often is the need for something unique. Personalization is completely now. We are looking for unique experiences, unique products that fit our individuality. An eye-catcher of course fits in with that. Of course it can also go along. That is why our watches are made of high quality stainless steel. The strongest scratch-resistant glass, sapphire glass, protects the watch cases. Fine for everyday use.


Take your time

Dutch watch brand Prisma has been an authority in the field of ladies watches since 1948. We always look at the needs of today. In a world where time seems to go faster and scarce, everyone is talking about time. Time is precious, enjoy it. Go out, take friends and family out to eat, put your cell phone aside. The time is now!